Fit Friday 6/3 — The Bump
November 2022 Moms

Fit Friday 6/3

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How's movement/fitness going in your world?

Re: Fit Friday 6/3

  • dzappdzapp member
    Just got home from the climbing gym and everything is feeling a lot better. It feels like an actual work out now. I went for a few hikes this week and did some yoga too. I don’t really feel pregnant which is anxiety inducing. I have the smallest belly but it doesn’t look like a bump, just looks like my abs are gone, and my thighs are fatter but aside from my nipples occasionally feeling weird… that’s just it. I’m glad to have the energy back to exercise but wish I wasn’t so anxious. My next appointment is 16 weeks on the 7th and hopefully they can reassure me
  • After 3 months of not working out it feels good to finally get some movement in. I'm trying for daily, but I've only started to get my energy back, so a few times a week right now. Yoga, barre, light weights, a hike or a swim. It all feels great.
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  • I'm on week 2 of hitting 5 days/week of workouts and 8k+ steps every day. It feels amazing to feel like myself!!!
  • @rebeccahoo12345 So glad to hear that you feel great!  

    I have had to really tone down workouts lately, which has made me a little mad, but I have to listen to my body. I am really focusing on strength workouts lately although I did a fun strength and conditioning workout by Sydney cummings today. I love how she incorporates jumping and jogging into strength moves.  If I don't feel like it I just leave them out, but if I do it is easy to follow along. 
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