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35 wk preemie at nicu for learning to eat

I am desperate for someone to share that they are familiar with what we are going through. My daughter was born at 35 weeks and was admitted to the nicu. She does not seem to have any medical issues; she just has not figured out how to breastfeed or bottle feed. Tomorrow she will have been in the nicu for one month. She paces herself pretty well on the bottle and she seems to prefer nursing but she will only do either for 5 minutes each time. She is being ng tube fed 63 ml every 3 hours. She typically takes 10-15 ml by bottle so she isn’t even close to reaching that goal of 63 ml. Sometimes it is because she is so tired and falls asleep, but not always. Oftentimes she will be awake but just stop at 5 minutes regardless. Maybe from being worn out?  Everyone here says one day it’s like a lightbulb goes off and she will just get it. One month out and I’m struggling to feel optimistic. Tell me someone else has experienced this....

Re: 35 wk preemie at nicu for learning to eat

  • Preemie born at 25 weeks and currently learning to bottle feed. We’re going through the same thing. One hour she’s doing really well the next hour she’s very tired. The nurses and others say it’s common but I agree it’s pretty daunting. Trying to stay positive that they’ll get there, they always do
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    I’m going through the same thing, mama. My son was born at 34 weeks and thankfully has very little medical issues but just can’t figure out how to eat. He usually only takes 5-10 ml each feeding, but I got him to 15 ml today. It was a lot for him and he had a little spit up afterwards. We are holding off on breast milk right now until they figure out whether he has a milk protein allergy but he seems to be doing better on formula than he was on my milk. I keep holding on to the advice of one of the nurses - she told me that most often one day it just clicks and they figure it out. That helps me through the ups and downs thinking that maybe tomorrow could be the day it just clicks. Good luck, you aren’t alone.
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