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PCOS side effects

I’ve had PCOS for over a year now and have been taking 1000MG of metformin. The side effects have been pretty bad but after the first couple months I was able to get used to the meds but about a year later I’m having the side effects come back which is making me have nausea, diarrhea and a loss of appetite.  Has this happened to anyone before?

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  • Hey, @fariham96, I have PCOS too. I was on 500MG of metformin from about age 19 to age 25 but my doctor took me off of it about 8 years ago, I can't remember why.  I remember it took me a little bit to get used to in terms of side effects, especially if I ate more greasy foods. I wonder if you could take only half a dose for a while and slowly build up to 1000?
  • Hey! I have PCOS as well. Everytime something from the side effects changes etc, my doctor orders bloodwork and we make small changes to the ammound of metformin I am taking, so maybe ask your dr if they need to change your dosage?
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    I was put on Metformin about 2-3 months ago and haven’t had side effects. However, my friend also has PCOS and told me about inositol. I looked it up and what I’ve read is that it’s more effective with fewer side effects than Metformin. I’m currently trying to ask my RE what she thinks about switching or combining. Might be worth asking your RE about it. 

    My friend also told me that going dairy and gluten free helps her symptoms and brings on a regular period for her. I asked the nurse about this and she recommended I give it a try. I’m already allergic to alot of foods so I’m not looking forward to more dietary restrictions but am desperate and willing to try anything at this point. 
  • Hey @fariham96

    I’ve been in your situation before, it is quite stressful thinking about the next step after PCOS. I’ve never been a fan of medical drugs as they can be invasive or introduce a huge shock to our bodies.

    So I sought some alternative remedies, ending up settling for traditional Chinese medicine. Using traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture I was able to address the root causes of my PCOS issues and overcome the side effects. Still, if you feel that you need some more information, have a look at this interesting article: https://www.ginsen-london.com/natural-remedies-for-pcos/

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