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TTC After a Loss

How long did it take for you to conceive after loss?

I was hoping everyone can share how long it took for them to conceive after your Miscarriage. I am currently on my journey trying to get pregnant after our loss. 

Re: How long did it take for you to conceive after loss?

  • It depends on which time.  It's taken me anywhere from like 3 cycles to almost a year to get PG after my losses.

    Unless you have IF issues, I'm fairly certain the statistics are relatively the same to get PG after loss as it is before loss.  Sorry.  Just make sure you bench yourself for the length of time your doctor recommended before trying again.
  • I conceived very quickly after my losses. I hope this is the case for you too. 
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  • I conceived after my second period after my first miscarriage. Supposedly I read that you are most fertile for at least 3 months after a miscarriage. 
  • I conceived 4 months after a MMC
  • I conceived my second cycle after my miscarriage. 
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    I have read and also heard from my obgyn that most women are more fertile in the first 3 months after a loss, but to be careful to make sure your body has time to heal (at least 1 to 2 normal cycles).

    We had been trying for 7 months before our loss which started in July and went into August. I had to have a d&c as I was experiencing an incomplete mc. 

    After one very normal cycle at the end of August my obgyn said it was safe to conceive again but advised mentally maybe wait one more cycle (until October). 

    I have some hormonal
    imbalances so consulted with a naturopath. She suggested I try taking estrosense days 1-14 of my cycle and vitex 15-28 until I conceived again and then to just take the vitex until the end of the first trimester. 

    We conceived somewhat accidentally in September in what seems like an absolute miracle since we had so much trouble last time and weren’t even trying. We figured we would start trying again in October but here we are! Fingers are crossed for success this time. ❤️
  • It's a falsehood that "women are more fertile in the 3 cycles following their MCs."  Please don't buy into that.  It will do nothing but give you heartache and depression if you aren't one of the special few who become PG immediately again.  I've had 5 MCs and no living children, and it's taken me anywhere from 3 cycles to over a year to become PG again.  

    There are some studies that say it can take women who've experienced a MC LONGER to become PG than those who have not.  

    Additionally, there are studies on super/hyper-fertility, saying women who get PG easily (especially after a MC) are more prone to have bad PGs and MCs.  

    So it really all depends on a HUGE variety of things as to what your specific situation will be.  How far along you were. How old you are. How many MCs you've had before. The reasons behind your MCs (known or unknown). What other risk factors you have. Etc.

    I am sorry for your loss and hope you can find some peace and calm while TTCAL.  It's definitely stressful.
  • @mgmac Please keep us posted as I am in an similar situation. I just had my D&C yesterday to to say I'm terrified of that happening again would be an understatement. Hoping you have a long, healthy pregnancy 🙏
  • So sorry for your loss. I suffered loss late Feb and had a D&C on March 9. I conceived again in May. I am very happy, but also find myself with a lot of anxiety and fear both over this pregnancy and my living children due to our loss. Remember take care of yourself first, both physically and mentally. Best of luck and wishing you all of the happiness! 
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    It took me over 6 months to conceive my first child! It was a terrible stress during these months, but family helped to cope with this obstacle! And now I'm on my way to the designated goal!
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