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Small subchorionic hemorrhage 6 weeks 5 days

I had a large gush of blood today with no clotting so naturally I brought myself to the er (sucky times I had to go by myself my husband couldn't come with me due to good old covid 😑) they informed me I have a small subchorionic hemorrhage...theres a heartbeat and everything looks good otherwise in the ultrasound...does anyone have any subchorionic hemorrhage stories? is this something I should get worried about increasing the risk of miscarrying?...I absolutely hate the first trimester and all the worry that comes with it..thank you!

Re: Small subchorionic hemorrhage 6 weeks 5 days

  • Hi! I had the same thing with baby #2, lemme tell ya I panicked. Went to the ER after a few days of consistent bleeding convinced of the worst. But nope, baby was fine with a steady heartbeat and I was told this is a common thing that won't hurt baby. She just turned 3 so everything turned out fine. 
  • Follow up with your dr, so they can be aware. You may be required to go on pelvic rest or they may say continue to do you. Just make sure you let your dr know and follow their recommendations.
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  • I had it with my first baby 6 years ago. It was some brown blood, not a lot. Everything ended up being totally fine!
  • I had one at 12 weeks 3 days with my last baby (#4). It was terrifying and I also ran to the ER. The ER doc was not an ob and was not too reassuring, but the ultrasound showed no issues. I went in for my 13 week ultrasound a few days later and was assured everything was fine. I was also told that this is actually really common; now that ultrasound technology is so good they can actually confirm it’s SCH and that it’s either gone or if it’s getting larger and is a risk. Talk more with your primary ob. #4 is now a healthy and wild 20 month old. :)
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