June 2022 Moms

Hello Mommies!!!!!!

So excited to be here:)
Looking forward to growing with you!

Re: Hello Mommies!!!!!!

  • Hello Mary! Very excited for what's to come  :)
  • Thrilled to finally be pregnant with baby #2 It's great to be here 
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  • Hi! I’m so excited too! 

    @mamachameleon this is baby #2 for me too. My first is 5. And he’s a ball full of energy and crazy and love haha.  

  • Hey Ladies!! Congrats to you all. This will baby #2 for me. Is anyone else feeling nervous like it's the first pregnancy? 🙃😊
  • @jmwall17 I’ve got so many feelings that I don’t think I had last time. Lol. 
    I kind of also don’t believe it myself yet. It’s weird. I keep thinking “when I get pregnant” and then like, oh. 😆 

    also, bc of COVID, my OB changed the process for early pregnancy. Last time I got an ultrasound at 8 weeks to confirm and hear the heartbeat and all. It was the first prenatal visit. Now they do a televisit at 6weeks then the OB coordinator calls you and schedules the first prenatal and ultrasound at around 10-12 weeks. THAT has be freaking out. Like you serious? I won’t get to confirm this until almost the second trimester???? Ugh. I’m not liking it. Nothing to do of course, and I get it. But ugh. 
    Also found out they’re not delivering at the hospital that’s 10min from me because they made that a COVID free/ non emergency procedures hospital and moved all deliveries to the sister hospital 30min away. Not a huge deal, j get it, but again ugh. Makes me wish things were like last time. 

  • @jmwall17 Its my second also and I am so nervous this time if not more than the first. It just feels so different already. I also had a very rough pregnancy the first time and so scared it will be rough this time too and i don't know how to handle that and a 3 year old. 

    @hgsurvivor That sucks about the ultrasound i would be a nervous wreck also. I am going at 9 weeks and that feels like so far away. 
  • natnat1810natnat1810 member
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    I’m right there with all you second time moms. It’s my second as well, and I definitely feel at least as nervous as I did with my first. I can’t imagine the transitions that are going to have to happen. But my DD (2.5y) seems excited at the prospect of a baby around the house, which is so sweet to see!

    @hgsurvivor I’m sorry you have to wait so long! I imagine COVID has made a lot of things different 😔

    Edit: and still no luck on the username change…
  • First time over here! Hopefully you second timers can share some wisdom with me 😊
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