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FFFC 6/25

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  • bkjadebkjade member
    Yes @brookert615 I know I’m looking forward to having another child after this one! I love being a mother and having a big fam. I don’t think everyone quite feels the same tho as I was telling one of my friends and she was like 👀 lol. 

    My FFFC is that I block out an extra hour for my partner to watch 🧒 during my doc appointments so I can take myself out to lunch or coffee alone 😅
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @brookert615 my hubby and I also agreed on two children prior to have any, and immediately following the birth of my daughter I could not wait to get pregnant again! I was like let’s have all the babies! He thought I was totally crazy. Finally got him to compromise and say definitely two with the option for a third and we’ll re-evaluate after this one. The baby crazed hormones went away after I stopped breastfeeding, although I still feel the same as the compromise and just want the option for a third. We’ll see! 
  • @brookert615 - I am a fan of making no rash decisions right after a baby is born, so I'd talk to your husband and see if he'd be willing to wait for a bit. 
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  • @bkjade That is a genius idea about adding in an extra hour!!! 

    @rgn12 Good to know that I'm not alone in this! That's a great idea to re-evaluate.

    @mockingjay1 Good call, that's definitely something I'll talk to him about.
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