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Strong heartbeat (156 BPM) but bleeding

I went to the ER to have a scan done at 7w2d because I had a fair amount of bleeding after a bowel movement. I had bled previously had bleeding from week 4 to 5. 
Saw my bean's heartbeat for the first time (156 BPM) and the baby measured 6w5d so a bit behind
Additionally, my Hcg only rose from 61000 to 90500 in 7 days where as it was previously doubling consistently.
Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation?

Re: Strong heartbeat (156 BPM) but bleeding

  • What did they tell you?  Was the report sent to your doctor for interpretation?  HCG doubling slows down and peaks once it gets to a certain point.

    Ultrasound sizing can be off by +/- 4 or 5 days, so your scan was also within a normal range of variation.  Hopefully everything continues to progress normally for you!
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  • The ER doctor seemed optimistic. Though ER doctors are generalists he told me his wife had two miscarriages so I extra trust his authority on the topic. He actually happened to be the doctor that attended to my miscarriage back in December. Im following up with my OB tomorrow just to be sure. Thanks for that resource and your response! I'll give the link a read. 
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  • Did they mention anything about a possible subchronic hematoma?  

    HGC only doubles for so long. 

    Also you said the bleeding was during a bowel movement.  Was the blood was definately vaginal.  I have had rectal bleeding before after BM and itsscary.  Not questioning g you anatomy knowlege, but yet don't want to possibly be missing anything. 

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    I hope this isnt TMI but I actually considered it was rectal as well so the next bowel movement I had I wadded up a bit of toilet paper and put it slightly in my vaginal opening and checked it after. The toilet paper had collected blood so I was able to deduce it was not rectal. I had a subhem before my last miscarriage but the US found no indication of it this pregnancy. Guess time will tell. The first trimester is agonizing.
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  • So this it’s purely anecdotal, but my sister experienced the same thing once a week for 4-5 weeks in her first trimester with her first baby. The pregnancy progressed normally after and they could never give her a reason. Baby was born a week before full term and healthy. I hope it works out similarly for you, bleeding can be so scary especially with previous miscarriages. 
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  • **Update 6/3/21
    Went to my obgyn 2 days later. Doctor said everything looked normal and confirmed hcg does not predict viability at this point. Baby is now measuring but two days behind which doctor says is within margin of error and nothing to sweat about. FHR is now 160 and baby measures 7w1d. Bleeding is unexplained.

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