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Weekly Randoms 5/10


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  • It has been cloudy and rainy here for 4 days now and the forecast says it'll be like this for another 5 days after. It is making me not want to do anything at all besides sleep. 
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  • lmcwlmcw member
    @kissyfir1586 Sitting in a parking lot for curbside pickup dying laughing over this visual 😂 the guy in the next car must think I’m nuts...
  • @paulpaw he must have been. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do at this point because everything us already with the buyers underwriter, from what I understand. If this falls through nobody can use FHA financing on the house for at least 6 months so it’s going to limit our buyer pool too 😫 not to mention that we’ll need to go conventional instead of VA to get our new house, making it like $300 per month more expensive unless we come up with another $55k to put down 😫
  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @whatabout2ndbreakfast I’m so sorry! Maybe your buyers can come up with the money to go conventional. 
  • Hey everyone! I’ve been kinda Mia this week, just feeling blah. I’ve been so tired during the day and can’t sleep at night plus we last minute decided to trade in our truck. Got $4000 more on trade then what we paid for it brand new, it’s crazy! So that took up a good part of the week deciding what we were going to do and where we were going to buy our new one 
  • @ladylynn222 that's awesome! I know there is a huge truck shortage right now (at least in our area) - my brother traded in his truck for that exact reason - dealerships are paying a lot more to get the inventory!
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