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  • noprobalonoprobalo member
    edited April 29
    Had a little bit of bloody discharge this morning. 😕 Heading into the doctor's office this afternoon to make sure it's not the beginning of an infection.

    Update: It's a yeast infection. So fortunately it was both not a major problem and not a waste of time to go to the doctor.
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  • @noprobalo I’m glad you were able to get in and that it turned out to be nothing serious (albeit uncomfortable). I only get yeast infections when pregnant and just got over another one—NO fun!

    I’m excited to say I got my old friend back...an IV! Home health came this morning to restart it and I get to keep it as long as it will last (4 day max before I have to d/c it myself).

    the HG worsened the last week and that’s why the IV because necessary. One more week and I get evaluated for a PICC line.

    I officially popped and as soon as I get dressed I’ll post in HDBD 🤰

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  • @mac-n-cheesy Yeah, I've never had one before. Didn't really notice any symptoms except the blood. But since I have had no bleeding this pregnancy except right after they did a PAP smear on me, I was worried. Hopefully after the treatment (yuck) everything will get back to normal.

    Yeesh. Hope you can keep it in the whole time and get that much closer to your PICC line eval. ☹️
  • Lower back pain anybody??? 
    My lower back and tailbone are RADIATING pain. 
    Also my abdomen is feeling very sore/heavy especially after I pee. 
  • bumphibumphi member
    @madiirosee No movement yet but my DD was frank breech so the second half of my pregnancy I felt VERY little movement and it caused constant anxiety. I’m really hoping for more consistent movement from this little babe.
    Don't do overthinking, do regular checkups, talk to your baby often, pray,  and everything will be okay.
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