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UO 04/29/21

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  • Based on recent discussion, this is definitely unpopular.

    Having visitors after birth (after the first week, really) is awesome. I make sure visitors bring me food, then they get to attend to the baby while I eat a peaceful meal. I spent most of my leave at home, just me and the baby, so new faces were usually welcomed. Also, DS had the most amazing sense of when I was getting ready to eat. He would wake up from the middle of his sleep and start crying. The only uninterupted meals I ate were when we had visitors. 

    This one will be a lot different with COVID and the start of cold and flu season. 
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  • Not sure if this has to be pregnancy related BUUUUUUUUT I loathe musicals or any type of movie with multiple singing scenes. 
    It seriously makes me cringe. The only ones I can get past are like the old Disney ones, say the 50s Cinderella for example, because the way they sing isn’t as annoying to me. 

    People look at me like I’m crazy but I seriously can’t stand it 🤣🤣🤣
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  • @madiirosee I'm not *into* musicals, but I think the most consistently rewatchable movies for me are usually musicals. Probably because the songs are fun hooks that are pleasantly familiar. But a musical is probably not the first thing I'll pick.
  • Uh except that Evita was a great movie and you don't even have to *watch* it.
  • mia8263mia8263 member
    @madiirosee greatest showman is the only musical I can watch 
  • @mia8263 I enjoy musicals, I did a lot of musical theatre in high school and college, and that is the one musical I can't stand  :D
  • mia8263mia8263 member
    @gingermama46 I thought the musicals my high school did were amazing! My son makes fun of me I just fast forward to the singing parts so I’m really just watching music videos lol 
  • I love musicals! I’ve seen a couple Broadway performances (phantom of the opera and sound of music in Philly) and also several musicals at sight and sound theater in Lancaster. I love them! Also love greatest showman and Hamilton movies. DH got me tickets to see Wicked in NY for Christmas last year but then covid hit and our tickets were for April 2020 and they shut down that month 😔 I was so bummed! not sure when we’ll get to ever reschedule that date night haha (between covid and 3 kids under 4!)  
  • cait32cait32 member
    Oh man I’m also a musical lover...I moved to NYC after high school and studied theatre and auditioned for all kinds of stuff...then I decided to have a real career
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  • kandb4kandb4 member
    I think coffee is disgusting. This baby will be my fourth and everyone keeps saying, "wow, you're going to need lots of coffee" 😅🤢😂 no thanks
  • kitandcatkitandcat member
    I don’t love live action musicals. But I love some of the newer Disney musical movies... Frozen II is so amazing, Tangled, Moana, Coco!! They all have such good songs! 
  • vampirinavampirina member
    @kitandcat maybe this should be a confession but I cry at "Show Yourself" every flipping time. Doesn't matter if we're watching the full feature film or a YouTube clip, it always gets me. 
  • kitandcatkitandcat member
    @vampirina YES!!! So good!!! 
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