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Gender (sex) reveal ideas/announcements

post a pic of what you've done to announce the sex of your baby or what you plan on doing! 

Re: Gender (sex) reveal ideas/announcements

  • kandb4kandb4 member
    We don't find out the sex until mid May. Our plan is to let our kids use silly string to announce it. With three boys (7,5,2) we figured this would be the most exciting option 😂 I found silly string spray hopefully that will make it easier to spray for the little hands
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  • I was thinking of having a small gender reveal with family. Since my husband and I had two losses before this pregnancy, we wanted to celebrate with our family by doing one. I was thinking of doing it memorial day weekend.
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  • @kandb4 ooh that’s so awesome! DH and I will just find out at our anatomy scan but I want to do something special to tell the kids! I was thinking cupcakes with the inside being the color, but this silly string idea would be really fun for them!! And THEN cake. HAHA. Because cake. 
  • Honestly hubby and I got a little cake for just us to cut, and then just told our families. 
    I really wanted that moment of finding out to be between us, and didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on us to find cute ways to tell everyone. Then I posted our cake pics on social media. I’m boring 😂
  • kandb4kandb4 member
    @madiirosee I love the cake ideas!  we are boring too and just send pics/videos of the results! But my middle of the night insomnia has me binge watching gender reveal announcement clips and fails and it brings me so much joy 😂 I love seeing what others come up with.
  • cait32cait32 member
    We’re still team green and I’m holding firm but I keep wondering if we should get an envelope at the anatomy scan and then do a family reveal (just DH and kids and me). I’m interested in staying team green but dh really wants to know, and I keep thinking it would be fun for the kids to find out with us (esp since DD is set on having a sister). I have a bit more time to decide but I keep going back and forth. Either way it’ll be more of a surprise than the other two have been.
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  • @cait32 I'm also team green, but slightly wavering due to DH wanting to know.  We were team green for both of the boys and it was a great experience finding out in the OR... With this being our last pregnancy, a small part of me feels as though DH should get a say, but I truly don't want to know!
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