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FFFC 4.9

It’s finally Friday!!! 

Confessions anyone? 
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Re: FFFC 4.9

  • I will re-run the dishwasher rather than emptying it. It's the one chore I hate doing.
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  • The one area of the house DW deems as my area, the kitchen, is a disaster right now. I'd rather do laundry. 

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  • I had to rewash DDs laundry because I never switched it over to the dryer. Then I didn’t again 😑
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  • @emmylou78 - I have to put a sticky note somewhere I’ll see it to remind me that I have laundry in the wash. I don’t know why I cannot remember to move things from the washer to the dryer! I can’t even blame pregnancy brain because this happened pretty frequently before pregnancy too!
  • Washing laundry and putting away dishes are pretty much the only indoor chores I enjoy! I'll happily trade you both for cleaning bathrooms...my 6 year old's bathroom is a travesty. 
  • That’s amazing!!!! 
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