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Tongue Tie, Supply, etc

Hi all! Did anyone else struggle with their milk supply due to their baby’s tongue or lip tie? My son had both and my supply eventually couldn’t keep up. I ate Milky Mama lactation brownies after they were clipped and thank goodness it increased and I can keep up now. I’m wondering what else has worked for everyone? How long until you felt your baby’s latch and suck were “normal”. My son’s wasn’t clipped until 10 weeks so we were late to the game because they kept being denied! 

Re: Tongue Tie, Supply, etc

  • My son has the tongue tie but we haven't decided to clip it. I started to pump exclusively because his suck was too strong it was painful. My supply has just randomly decreased tho I'm not sure why. I was able to pump 5 oz each time I pump but now its more like 2.5 total. 😔 its starting to wear on me that I'm not producing enough 
  • @abwilkerson make sure your pump parts aren’t worn out. That can cause a loss of suction and be a sneaky reason for not producing enough when EPing.
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