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  • @gusgus14 how was the glucose test?
  • @ec1212 it was fine! I took a nap in my car the second hour and just played on my phone in the waiting room for the 3rd hour. Results should be posted tomorrow but not sure if the nurse will call tomorrow or if it’ll be next week.
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  • @gusgus14 Oh, that's so great!!!! One less thing to worry about!
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  • @gusgus14 whoo hoo!! I hope you get the all clear to eat all the cake! If my glucose test goes bad in a few weeks I'm screwed 🤣 all I crave is sweets!
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  • @spartan4life I told my husband I didn’t know what I would do if I failed because my nausea has come back some and the only things I can tolerate are carbs with the occasional sweet! 
  • @ec1212 in my (unfortunate) case, it was a trickle until I stood up. So, my sheets weren't ruined at all. As for postpartum bleed, the worst part was at the hospital. Then it wasn't too bad, didn't ruin anything, it just went long. I don't know if going full term will make it worst though. TMI but in my case blood mostly comes out when I  go to the  bathroom, it was the same after a miscarriage too.
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    @ec1212 the blood/mucus and things will come (Atleast in my experience) once you start experiencing some more intense contractions so I would say you are fine there because at that point, if you choose to wait it out at home, you can be prepared with towels etc. 

    I don’t recall ever really losing my “mucus plug” but I do remember most moms saying they think they lost it when they wiped on the toilet. 

    DD1- I was 10cm dilated and fully effaced when I arrived at hospital and they still had to pop my bag. 

    DS2- I had the movie scene type gush in my home when I was walking around the house. Unfortunately in my case, it didn’t make too much of a mess because it was thick (he had had a bowel movement inside). 

    DD3 - water bag broke on its own at hospital as my contractions got my intense. 

    I said “movie scene type gush” because I think it’s MORE normal to experience a slow trickle when your waters break on their own, if it even breaks before you get to the hospital... so I would think maybe just being prepared with a pad or liner during the last couple weeks would be okay! 
  • @ec1212 my water didn't break at home so not sure there. For postpartum I used depends for the first few weeks instead of pads and never had any leaking issues. The first few days were the heaviest in the hospital and once I got home I didn't have any problems.
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  • @ec1212 My water did break at home and it didn't go everywhere. It was very weird but mostly gushed when I sat down on the toilet, it didn't get on the bed at all even though it did break in the middle of the night. I happened to be getting up to go bathroom and thought I had peed my pants, sat down got a gush, stood up and immediately felt like it was going to happen again and sat down and it did. But after those two it was more of a trickle, but by the time I got to the hospital my pants were visibly wet but not soaked. I got to skip triage lol. 

  • @ec1212 my water broke when I was laying in bed trying to sleep, but it wasn’t a giant gush. Most came out in the bathroom and just continued slowly leaking.

    With that being said, I did ruin some sheets afterwards because I was sitting on the bed and had a couple of huge gushes of blood in the first few days home, so cheaper sheets isn’t a bad idea. I’m getting a waterproof mattress cover before baby is born for that purpose and also because my milk sprayed out of my boobs like a fountain and spritzed everything in my house 😂
  • @ckmb_1250 I also plan on the mattress cover, I think its a good idea and maybe old sheets or darker ones. 
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