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Hello, hello!

Hi, all! I've visited these boards a couple of times and am finally posting after toying with the idea for a while. I am a relatively private person, but feeling like I need some support with my new baby - so here I am! :blush:

A little bit about me - My DH and myself are both 37 years old. We met in 2008 and married in 2013. Our daughter, Charlotte (aka "Charlie") was born October 2nd at 39 weeks via C-section (she was breech). This is our first baby, but not my first pregnancy; unfortunately, I suffered a MC in July of 2017.

Hobbies? I love to travel, cook, and read, although almost all of my hobbies have been put on hold as of late :wink:
I am a dyslexia teacher and have to go back to work 2 weeks from today - feeling very anxious about that. Prior to the baby, I was very dedicated to my job and my students and it wasn't unusual for me to put in a 50 - 60 hour work week (sometimes more!). My priorities have now changed and I am hoping I can find a work/life balance. I'm also anxious about pumping at work and being able to keep up my supply.

That's me in a nutshell - good to be here and looking forward to chatting with some fellow mommies! 

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  • Hello! Just thought I would let you know that the majority of us became close and moved over to a closed group, so I am not sure how much interaction you will get on this board. You may get more support over in the parenting section of the bump community board. Good luck going back to work! I go back next week and am anxious too, but we can do it!
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    TTC #1: 12/2017
  • Oh, OK. Thanks - so there really is no more October 2018 board for newbies like myself? 
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  • Well, the board itself exists, but not many people spend much time here anymore.  You’re welcome to try to start threads/ask questions/whatever, but you may not get much response. As @spartan4life suggested, you will probably find a more active group on some of the parenting boards.  
  • Hi. It's great that you're sharing your story. You always find motivation and inspiration in them. I too am trying to find a balance between work and family, as well as remembering to make time for myself. It's hard, but I work hard. Good luck to you!
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