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GTK: Favorite Games

With Covid meaning we can't do anything we are playing a lot of games so I'm curious what your favorite games are right now? Board games? Card games? Weird ones you made up? 

I'd say for me I love playing what we call "scarf charades" with DD. It's like normal charades but you can use the scarf as a prop. It's a bit easier for her than normal charades and we always end up laughing a lot. It's pretty fun. 

DW and I like playing Monopoly Deal, which is a card version of Monopoly that has all of the aggressive capitalism and none of the slow drawn out parts of regular Monopoly. No bank, no game board, no pieces. It goes a lot faster and is fun if you're competitive. 
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Re: GTK: Favorite Games

  • We play a lot of games. MH is suuuuper into tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons and Dragons), and has a core group that he has historically played with. He's really good at playing different characters and doing voices/accents.

    The board games we play are usually pretty complex, and definitely not for everyone. There's a mystery game we like called Timestories. You are given a scenario and have to decide where to go and how to look for clues. It reminds me of a choose-your-own-adventure book in some ways. It's cooperative, so everyone either wins or loses. 

    @claireloSC I knew a couple who played monopoly deal and wagered things like who had to clean up after dinner on the results. It sounded fun!
  • How did I miss this thread! @shoogapoff at your mention of it, we are going to borrow Timestories from a friend. MH has played it, but it's new to me. Also @jaxalia mentioned Fox in the Forest in the into thread and that's now on my to-buy list—always on the hunt for a good two player game. 

    We've played a lot of Splendor lately. And I just ordered Illimat, which I am really pumped to get. 

    @claireloSC Monopoly stresses me out :# . Haha. It just brings out the worst in me. 
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  • Haha. I am mean when I play games. @pickle-chips. I want to win!
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  • @pickle-chips Ooh! Let me know which story you do, and what you think!
  • @claireloSC oooo! I may need to find that card game. We cannot play the regular monopoly anymore. I am pretty sure we would end up divorced if we did :lol:

    We don't play a ton of games but we are going to a cabin over Christmas with limited wifi and no TV so we will be bringing Candyland (shoot me) for the 4 year old and Cribbage for us. I was hoping to pick up another game or two but covid cases are increasing here again so I won't be going out before we leave.
  • DH's family are so into cards and I hate card games. They bore me to tears! However, I love love trivia games. We usually play Trivial Pursuit over the holidays- anyone have a workaround or platform that you can play over Zoom?
  • We play D&D once a week with my brother and sister-in-law and a couple friends.

    We have a Nintendo Switch we have quite a few fun games for as well. 
  • @dancingnarwhal my husband is upstairs right now dm-ing a d&d group with my brother-in-law's sister, her husband, and friends :) I join in occasionally but unfortunately and working overtime tonight.

    We're a nerd house so our shelves are also full of magic cards and most of our games are RPG or group storyline based! We're playing through Tales of Evil right now, which has an interesting play style - not much like something I've played before!
  • @baby_yoda1986 Amazon has the Monopoly Deal game and my 4 year old can play it with us! Uno is another good one we can do with her. Sequence for kids and Zingo are other faves. We've been playing a ton of games lately since there isn't much else to do now that it's cold and you know, pandemic and all. 

    For online games, I love the "you don't know Jack" games. I think you can play Trivia Pursuit on PlayStation, not sure about Zoom though. :( I usually play for a Zoom game. @surrenderdorothy
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  • @claireloSC thank you! I’ll check it out. 
  • DD loves Guess Who and Uno. I like Euchre and Monopoly. I bought DD Clue for Christmas. She loves Life, which I absolutely loathe because there’s too many rules. I can never remember them all and sometimes I remember one halfway though the game. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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