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Keep, Toss, Buy New - age gap

There is going to be a 6.5 year age gap between my two kids. For DC1, I received a lot of hand-me-downs from my sister who had her kids in 2004 and 2007. My inlaws have stored all of the baby gear and my sister in-law has used some of it for her kids. Other baby gear my inlaws have comes from cousins who had kids around the same time as my sister. Besides carseats that we are getting brand new, what from this old gear should we toss, keep and what should we buy new? I cannot seem to find a definitive answer. 

Note: We are getting new furniture as my DC's furniture converted into a full size bed that she uses now.

Re: Keep, Toss, Buy New - age gap

  • I don't think there's really a straight answer, like keep the stroller, toss the pack 'n play, etc.  I would first take a look at it all to see if anything has gotten gross in storage and then check all the model numbers for recalls.  Anything that is still in good shape and hasn't been recalled should be fine.  I don't know if they were making them back then, but IMO an auto Rock 'n Play is a must have.  So if you're looking for something new to buy for this LO, I'd definitely get one of those.  Super easy to collapse and move around the house or take for baby to sleep in while traveling.
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  • @kmcc14  Rock n plays have been recalled because of infant deaths .  I used one before, but we got rid of it.
    Check your crib mattress and make sure it’s not cracked and is still firm. 
    Most stuff you can take apart and wash. 
    You can even put your whole pack n play in the bath to clean it. 
    Toss most toys except the essentials because people will give you more. 
    Plastic bottles kind of get yucky and broken down over the years so probably get new ones if you use them. 
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