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Vista or Cruz for city parents

We are deciding between the Uppababy Cruz and Vista for our stroller in Philly. My cousin has the Cruz and loves it and is giving us the Mesa car seat attachment for it. The stroller seems pretty easy to maneuver and lighter but it sounds like the Vista has better tires and easier to get around the terrible city sidewalks? We would probably have another baby in 2-3 years after first but not even sure we would use the double stroller or not. We were leaning towards the Cruz but then went to a festival this weekend and literally everyone had the Vista. I spotted around 15-20 Vistas and around 3 Cruz strollers. Was confused at the disparity there so just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with either in a city and which you would recommend? Thanks!

Re: Vista or Cruz for city parents

  • Hi I live in Philly too and know the sidewalks and small stores need very maneuverable strollers with good suspension.  The cruz is a bit lighter and easier to fold but if you’re even considering having another baby in 2-3 years you may as well go for the vista.
    I got the baby jogger city mini and loved it and now have a double stroller with 2 kids and 1 on the way , but the crux isn’t even that light, so you may as well get something you can grow into.  
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