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Could my baby be teething?

My LO is 3m 3w old, and has been showing signs of teething (fussy, inconsolable, chewing everything, drooling, etc.) for about 2-3 weeks now.  Everyone from family, friends, and doctors have told me he isn't teething, I keep getting told "he's just too young."  I don't know what else this could be, and I am unsure what I can do to calm him.  Some days he is fine and is able to sleep through the night, other days he screams, and is basically inconsolable, and won't sleep unless I hold him all night.  He often grabs/pulls/pushes his cheeks, and ears, he doesn't have a fever and he has been checked for an ear infection already. 
Is it possible that he could be teething this early, or am I just overreacting to a fussy baby? 🙁


  • calliahcalliah member
    Babies can have teething signs months before a tooth pops. I’m sure it’s not pleasant to have sharp pieces of bone working their way though your gums. 
    My 8 month old got his first tooth at 4 months and 3 weeks. Definitely possible he could be teething. Or he could just be fussy. You just never know until that first tooth pops up. 
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  • My son is three months and three weeks or so, and has been doing the same thing. He always has his hands in his mouth chewing on his hands and drooling a ton. I’m not sure if he is teething, or he’s just eating his hand. Maybe this is normal around this time?
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