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Gestational diabetes

good evening all. I was diagnosed with gm at 28 weeks. I just started insulin at 32 weeks and still kind of wacky numbers doctor said if I have really bad numbers ill be induced at 36 which no way I would let him other than that he said usually 37 to 38 weeks ill be induced. If baby is growing normal can I get away waiting longer. If my first baby I am so worried i do have a growth scan Tuesday to see how big she is. Anyone go through this and what was your birth like??

Re: Gestational diabetes

  • Hi, come on over to the thread "GD Information and Support" with @kyrwyn. <3
  • Hi knottie,

    First: please change your username via the knot so that we can tag you in posts and better support you!

    Second: There's a lot of information and other mom's experiences shared in the GD thread for gestational diabetes. 

    Delivery options: If your blood sugars are not well controlled (really bad numbers) then your OB will probably make different decisions for your delivery and care than if your numbers were well controlled, or (best case) well controlled without medication. My first GD pregnancy was well controlled with night-time insulin, which limited my delivery options but I was induced at 37+6 due to high blood pressure and low fluid volume (born via c-section at 38 weeks exactly). My second GD pregnancy is, so far, well controlled with night-time insulin, has been for months, and my repeat C-section is scheduled for 39+1. Your experience and options will vary based on what's happening in your body, what that means to you and your baby's risk profiles, and your doctor or medical group's treatment protocols. 

    Come on over to the other thread and share with us what your numbers are looking like, and what your targets are, so that we can better support you. 
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