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TTC after 35

Newbie/Oldie TTCA35 with my Newbie/Oldie Boyfriend!

Hey ladies!! *TW* child loss, illness, ppd 
So, I was a part of the discussion boards 8 years (plus) ago before I got pregnant with my son. At the time, I was with my son's dad, and he had two special needs kids from his previous marriage. We got pregnant in early 2012, my stepson who is non-verbal/non-ambulatory had a volvulus and lost most of his bowels about a month before my son was born, and my stepdaughter who was also non-verbal/non-ambulatory died 13 days before my son was born. My ex and I struggled for 3.5 years after our son was born to keep it all together but our communication was mediocre at best, thus we ended up splitting 4 years ago. I dated a little bit, but nothing stuck and I wasn't going to settle ever again so I was single for almost 2 full years when I ran into my old boyfriend from 12 years ago....The one who "got away"...and both of us had gone and had a child with someone else but the relationships didn't here we are!!

So I'm back with my ex after not seeing each other for 10 years...10 years of amazing friendship, and 10 years of respect for each other's relationships. So we found our way to each other again and we really really want to have a baby together. My stepson just turned 12 and splits time with his bio mom and my ex, and my son is 7.5 and is with me most of the time, and my boyfriend's son is with HIS mom most of the time. So we are going to try...

I am 35 (36 in December) and my boyfriend is 39 (40 in November), and I'm very new to even the THOUGHT of having a baby post-35. 

Looking forward to chatting with you ladies!


Re: Newbie/Oldie TTCA35 with my Newbie/Oldie Boyfriend!

  • sejicasejica member
    @ChelseaTFS , welcome! Wow that's quite a journey. Sorry for your loss.
    Right now it's just you and me posting here, but there is a ton of activity over on trying to conceive if you are looking for more. This board is also great for searching topics because while you may be new to the ttca35 game, so many women have posted here before you and gone through so much of the same. Hope our stay here is short and we move onto our respective birth month boards quickly.
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