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Tips for Reducing Belly Size after Pregnancy

Hey all!!
I gave birth about a month and a half ago and I still see no real change in the size of my stomach. It's gone down a little but not nearly close to how it was before. I know pregnancy can really change a woman's body but I feel like my stomach still has potential to reduce in size more, if that makes sense? Does anyone have any tips as to how they did this? For example, any products or exercises you did? Or should I just come to terms with the fact that this is just my body.

Re: Tips for Reducing Belly Size after Pregnancy

  • kostenannkostenann member
    edited February 2020
    I found a lot of my time trying to drop the baby weight was staying at home. I didn't have a way to the gym and my husband was out a lot. I used my son as weight and did a lot of mommy and my workouts. Like little things throughout the day (5 pushups at a time when playing with the 3 month old on the ground, 10 squats when waiting for something to come out of the microwave, etc)I then slowly progressed to resistance and some cardio. I followed a lot of YouTube videos and I use a journal to set up my weight routine. I counted calories and meals prepped as well. 
     And do the activities you enjoy. You've got this!
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