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  • Agreed with all of that @rikiteacup. I cleaned our pantry - similarly, just standing still with occasional reaching - and was done. 

    My belly button is close to popping and I’m mortified at the thought aaaah lol
  • @optimism3 DH calls my belly button my third nipple now  :/ hahaha
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  • Been having crazy Braxton Hicks which come and go at random but at least 10-20 a day. Which I still find quite painful. So I’m worried about this whole labor thing if these are the “non painful” ones. 

    Second bizarre symptom is that my heart rate just jumps up for no reason. I think it’s a positional thing bc if I stand or move to my side it often suddenly stops. But my resting HR is low 50 and the 2x I’ve been able to measure when it happens it jumps suddenly to the mid 120s. It’s hard to describe a symptom that isn’t happening or consistent at my OB appointment yesterday 
  • @huskervbfan lol 

    @22ksi2 sorry you’re in pain! 
  • @22ksi2 I think it has something to do with the increased blood volume during pregnancy but I would definitely let you doctor know. 
  • Carpal tunnel finger numbness and discomfort with repetitive movements, braxton hicks contractions, sciatic nerve and tail bone discomfort randomly throughout the day, huge pelvic pressure, especially while taking walks, stiffness and soreness in lower regions (after 2 pregnancies, this one is a new one for me), guess I'm getting up there in age! 
  • @babyroma I reduced my cholesterol intake along with walking more and of course the usual (lower carbs, sodium, etc), added more water and greens to my meals and that helped alot with my BP. I used to make a meal out of eggs and cheese but never realized how much cholesterol was in just 1. Hope ot levels out for you!
  • Totally had a turning point at 34 weeks too @rikiteacup - just started getting so much more tired, more back pain, lots of hip pain, difficulty breathing. This week my feet finally started swelling. It’s so icky - they look like little puffy sausages by the end of the day lol 
  • Lots of rib pain since baby is breech and still soooooo high. Hips hurt from SPD especially when tossing and turning at night. Today was my last day at work and as sad as I am about not seeing my coworkers, I am so happy for my body to get some rest before the real work starts!
  • @nhh11 If you haven't, I'm super pro-compression socks. I'm on my feet all day for work and I adore them. 
  • Can't get enough sleep and peeing constantly! Cannot believe it's so close now. 
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