January Symptoms — The Bump
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January Symptoms

We are getting close! How are you feeling!
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Re: January Symptoms

  • Carpal tunnel in my right wrist while sleeping is pretty annoying. 
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  • @zseirecarg - My underboobs have been really itchy/sweaty! I hate wearing a bra!
  • back pain. Upper back pain brings me to tears and makes it horribly hard to sleep. Lower back pain is frustrating but at least I can sleep with it. 

    Neighbors house caught on fire yesterday so me and a few other neighbors were outside helping keep his animals rounded up and safe. Then we took our daughter to the park and walked around. Might’ve pushed myself too far cause now my whole pelvic area is just in pain 😅 whoops. 
  • @zseirecarg +1 for upper bump pain from the bra.

    @sharonholck28 Also +1 on back pain. It's like a catch-22 where any position that relieves upper back pain aggravates the lower back pain and vice versa.
  • Oh my back is killing me almost every day...can't sit on the floor anymore with my toddler because of it :( can't wait for this month/pregnancy to be over! But at the same time, I am sad, because we aren't planning for any more kids after this so I want to enjoy it...I'm just not lol 
  • I'm going to have to give up chocolate for a while. It's a total trigger for acid reflux and that in itself is a whole new experience for me. I think I'm on my 3rd container of tums in the last couple of weeks! 
    and not really a symptom, just a fun observation, baby girl has definitely been getting the hiccups daily and I laugh every time hah
  • @babyroma If you are taking that many Tums, I would strongly suggest bringing the heartburn/reflux up with your OB. Tums aren't meant to be ingested in that quantity and it can be really bad for your stomach.

    Baby hiccups are so funny! I love feeling them. 
  • @mandk1233 I was going to ask about it at my appointment on monday. I've been getting the smaller sized fruit chew type ones so probably not taking as many as one might think! 
  • Looks like we are all feeling some very similar feelings! The nausea has taken a turn for the worse! It was mild and manageable but now not so much lol.
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • Uncomfortable 😬 was in false labour for 4 hours the other day... almost went to the hospital and then it stopped suddenly. It's been hard to sleep and the fatigue is extreme. Want baby boy to bake a bit longer BUT can honestly say, I can't wait for him to be born haha 💙
  • @kjeepers87 same girl! But I don't have another child to pick things up for me. I don't know what I am going to do about that or shoes when my husband goes back to work tomorrow. 
  • I haven't decided if baby hiccups are hilarious, adorable or downright irritating. I feel them in my left hip and it's cute but they could stop after like 5 hiccups. 
    I am also still waiting on the coveted "pregnancy glow". When was that supposed to happen because all I've gotten is dry, knotted hair, brittle nails and acne  :D
  • How are you guys doing with Braxton Hicks? I get them not when doing basically nothing. We took the girls out yesterday and were walking for an hour or so when I started having pretty painful contractions. They lasted for over an hour, became 4 minutes apart and started increasing in intensity. I was considering going to the hospital when they suddenly stopped. Calling my OB today.
  • @doodleoodle BH shouldn’t be really painful  I’ve heard of people feeling uncomfortable. Mine don’t really feel like anything but tightening. I’d definitely put a call into the OB.  
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  • I'm tired, hormonal and unmotivated. I can still put on my shoes (they're mostly slip ons lol), but socks are tricky. And I'm terrified of having to ask H to clip my toenails for me, but I'm almost at that point :sweat_smile:
  • @jvk2012 Oh god it's been forever since I had a pedicure... Honestly I forgot that was even a thing :lol:  That may be in my near future!
  • I've got midback pain today which is new. I wanted to be a trooper and use my standing desk today and then went for a walk and now it's all achy - good thing i have a chiro appointment tomorrow.

    @doodleoodle - I've had some painful BH, it turned out I had an undiagnosed UTI, so then there is that! 

    I am also having a hard time playing on the ground with my girl. We built a train set on the ground the other day and I'm trying to skoot around on my butt and it is just uncomfortable. And then she wants to take her Minnie cars around the playroom, etc. I'm like hey let's read a book! 

    I've been having contractions a lot still - it's going to be a long final six weeks!
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  • @rikiteacup also wanting tons of fruit and water. I basically never drank water before and now I drain a bottle easily in no time.
  • Walking up the stairs feels like I ran a marathon. I’m soooo out of breath and instantly get Braxton hicks. It’s even worse if I’m carrying the 1.5 year old. 
  • I told DH last night I finally hit the forever uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. Sitting at my desk hurts my butt but using the standing desk hurts my back. The last 2 nights of sleep have been miserable because a) I've been toasty as hell and just sweating all night and b) I can't ever seem find a position that feels good so I'm tossing and turning every 5 minutes! 
    I'm also slightly freaking out because I've been noticing my blood pressure has been trending a little higher the last couple of days too. :( wish I had more positive symptoms to report! 
  • I took for granted being pregnant in the spring with my daughter.  By this point in her pregnancy I could wear flip flops, skirts, and dresses.  Having to wear shoes and pants (the belly band is causing nausea) is very over rated.
  • @jvk2012 shoes are definitely a problem, but my furnace of a body prefers these temperatures. 
  • @jvk2012 I, too, am so sick of the belly band. My belly needs to breathe free.
  • I feel ridiculous asking this, but does anyone else feel like they get short of breath when standing for too long (15+ minutes). I noticed it when we were browsing at a bookstore yesterday and again today when I was doing some cleaning.
  • @noxacanthus, I was pulling chicken the other day and had to have some water and sit for a few minutes.  I don't know if it was because I was standing in one place and maybe locking my knees or something but I felt lightheaded and kind of winded.
  • @noxacanthus Yup, I can't stand in one spot for long periods of time (like over 5 mins lol) because I start to get short of breath, hot, and sometimes light headed. And I'm definitely not locking my knees (can't do that). I usually lean on something if I can't sit down right away.
  • @noxacanthus YES. I am feeling that way a lot. I get up a lot to help customers and by the time I am done walking over to the counter (only like 10 steps away) and then helping them, I am so short of breath and feel light headed. Thankfully I have the counter to lean on. 

    I am also having the stupid under the boob issues! I peel my bra off first thing when I get home every night. I wish I could go bra less everyday but these suckers are just too big to do that. And a good nights sleep seems impossible lately. But I guess I will just take it as I am getting prepared to be up all the time anyways. My lower belly is also really hurting lately. I am assuming RLP? Just constant sharp pains in the muscles and it sucks.
  • @bg122785 yes my belly is so sore and hurts a lot. I think it’s a mixture of weight and ligaments pulling and stretching. I wear support but it’s just not enough anymore! 
    DH: 34
    Married: May 2011
    TTC #1: May 2015
    DS: 10/20/2016
    TTC #2: June 2019
    #2 EDD: 2/20/2020
  • bg122785bg122785 member
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    @ibabyloveb87 Yup! Same here. The support belt just doesn't cut it anymore. It can be so painful. :(
  • I'm convinced my uterus is training for a marathon. I get Braxton Hicks every night starting around 7pm and they come in 5-10 minute intervals like clockwork. They don't seem to get any stronger even though they're pretty close together so I'm not worried about going into labor just yet. But during the day, I only get them once or twice every couple hours. On the bright side, I don't really mind them. That being said, the lightning crotch needs to go!!! 
  • Came home today and my ankles were the size of grapefruits. I’ve had some mild swelling of fingers/ankles at the end of some days but holy crap! 
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