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New here, Embryo transfer appointment

Hi! My name is Nicole , i am married and we have been trying for over 7 years -I did see an infertility specialist throughout the years and the next steps have always been embryo adoption- well my first appointment is next Tuesday the 26th I’m so nervous / scared I am 29, and this is the next step to build our family / I was trying to look online about the steps or process with embryo transfers and how it works, I have ovarian failure and I only have periods with birth control. I am not sure if this is going to work for me but I would love to hear the process like after the first appointment what happened next for you? 

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  • @nikki2427 Hi and welcome to the boards. I’m sorry you’ve found yourself here but these ladies can offer amazing support and answer tons of questions as many of them have been on this journey for quite a while. In January of this year I had my IVF consult. It was basically a meet and greet with our RE and I took a notebook with me full of questions and wrote down the answers. I was given a tentative timeline and general schedule of appointments and told to call when I got my period- They will give you something to start a period if needed. Once your cycle begins they will have you take a months worth of birth control. They will also provide you with the list of medications needed for your cycle and the pharmacy that you will get them from. They’ll also tell you when to order these meds. The next steps vary depending each patients specific case but for me I did an HSG to check my uterus and then had baseline bloodwork done. I was instructed to order my meds and have them delivered by a certain date, I was to begin dosing on a certain date. After you begin your meds you’ll have periodic monitoring appointments with bloodwork and ultrasound. The next step for me was egg retrieval so beyond that I’m of no help, sorry. *Trigger My fresh transfer was successful and we are 2 weeks from welcoming a baby boy End Trigger* The process can be overwhelming and fast moving but you’re in the right place for support! 
  • Hi, and welcome to the Infertility board. I’m sorry that you are here. I personally don’t have any experience with embryo adoption, but the process must be similar to frozen embryo transfer(FET). I’m currently in the process of FET. I recommend browsing through the monthly FET threads, it’ll give you an idea of what the process is like, so you can ask more informed questions to your RE during the initial appointment. Usually, the first thing you do is to do HSG to check for any polyps in the uterus and maybe check for the shape of the uterus. I think if that looks good, then I believe there was also a step where they do a ‘mock transfer’ before the actual transfer, to figure out the logistics of the transfer (where and how to place the embryo in the uterus). Once that’s done, then you begin the meds. There are two ways to transfer the embryo, one is to do it via natural cycle and the other, medicated cycle. In the medicated cycle, you start with 1 cycle of bcp followed by another cycle that uses lupron to suppress ovulation, and estrogen and progesterone to mimic the natural menstrual cycle. In the natural cycle you don’t use any meds and transfer based on your natural menstrual cycle. 
    Me: 41  DH: 46
    Unexplained infertility/AMA, polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance
    FET#1(July 2017): eSET of first of 4 PGS-normal embryos, DS born 3/30/2018
    FET#2(Oct/Nov 2019): eSET  
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  • Thank you so much! I appreciate the help it’s so hard to find just straight answers - it’s nice to know that there are people who can understand how nerve wracking and complicated the process is!
  • Hi,
    I'm 8 weeks pregnant from our 3rd FET (adopted embryos).  The first one failed.  We got pregnant with 2nd. TW 
     That pregnancy ended in a loss.

    If I could go back to the first procedure I would have started acupuncture with that one as well. The two I added that to the protocol I've had a pregnancy.  We saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks and have 2nd US tomorrow. I had done 6 IUIs all not successful.

    We worked with Embryos Alive and have had a good experience. They don't do a home study but you submit a large package on your family, a letter and references and other things.  There is a huge cost variance in agencies that help with this process and reading what you get for the cost is important.

    The HSG test is often an early step.  Additionally, if you have any polyps or fibroids you may get surgery to take those out.  Eventually, there will be medications most likely Estrogen (possible patch and shot but that varies by RE).  Later after monitoring you'll switch to progesterone (sometimes two forms) and some estrogen still. 

    Good luck to you!

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