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  • @doraleigh35 that is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
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  • Congrats on the great NT scan @mercury94 😊
  • @sanpelligrino Noticed that after the fact. Eek. Edited and fixed. Thank you. 
  • First time posting!  We had our 12 week scan today. Our OB is at a new office and I’m really disappointed in the quality of all of our ultrasounds compared to our previous 2 children (and that was 13 and 11 years ago!) We got one decent picture today. 
  • Had our 12 week US today. Measured at 11w5d so baby is on track! HR was 164. Baby was moving around like crazy but so far all is looking good! Hoping and praying things continue to progress well and baby stays healthy! I hope the same for all of you ladies!
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  • We had our 12 week  scan on Monday. Baby looks great, and heart rate is 164! We discovered baby is big! Measuring ahead 5 days, so according to ultrasound, babies tentative due date is April 21, versus LMP April 24. We'll see! Also tech was nice enough to check between the legs. 🤞 Hoping for a boy! Sure looked like one, she said not to run off and buy stuff quite yet. But our fingers are crossed, we have 2 girls already. 
  • Hey guys! Maybe someone will find this helpful.

    I had my NT scan last week as well. Twice :neutral: First time I ended up seeing someone incompetent. I spent around 40 minutes laying there while she couldn't measure the baby. She kept calling her supervisor asking if she is supposed to succeed at 12 weeks and 3 days, and eventually she told me it's too early for NT scan and ended up rescheduling it 11 days later. Just so you know, the baby was in a neutral position and wasn't partying hard :smile: She didn't ask me to move or drink more water either.

    I decided not to blindly trust her judgment and called my OB to confirm. I'm glad I did because he said that for whatever reason they told me it's too early, they apparently just didn't want to deal with me and that 11 days later would be beyond my NT scan window. So he referred me to a different hospital where I went 2 days later and where they quickly measured my baby  <3 It actually took like 15 minutes, and the baby was in the exact same position as the last time. 

    Anyway, it wasn't a smooth experience but I am glad that I didn't have to wait for the Quad test.
  • lmac92lmac92 member
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    Had our FTS scan today! We are very fortunate to have everything looking normal! Heart rate was 158 and oh wow was baby every wiggly! At one point it even did a log roll! It was kicking its legs up and waving its arms all over the place. We loved watching it. Got some great pictures but they only gave us one to take home. We even saw the little feet close up! Was told I have a posterior placenta, so I’ll have to research what that means...the tech said one positive about it is that I’ll probably feel kicks earlier!
  • Baby boy 16w
  • We had our anatomy scan today, still team green! MH snuck a peek when they got down to the gender identifying area, but couldn’t tell, which was reassuring. Lol. The cool part: even my doctor isn’t finding out. She said she’s too afraid she will spill the beans! 🤣😂 all checked out great, baby is right on track and everything looked and measured great! 18w6d

    Also, we got a really cool foot picture! ❤️ Cutest rainbow baby foot picture I’ve ever seen! 🌈

  • from our 13 week scan in October! currently 18 weeks and anxiously awaiting our anatomy scan next week! cant wait to find out if my little squirtle is a boy or girl <3

  • We had our anatomy scan yesterday! So cool to see our little guy moving all around! So cute!
  • @literatureandink oh my gosh so cute!!!!
  • @mama_llama What a beautiful shot and a beautiful baby!!
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  • @literatureandink thank you! 

    Now we just need to come up with a name we agree on. I have one I love and a few I like but hubbs isn’t on board. (In the end, I may have to push for my name... after I push out this baby! Ha!!)
  • @mama-llama my husband was not immediately into my name for her but he's come around with some insistence! He's even been referring to her by the name lately. :-)
    TTC #1 V. 2.0 since April 2018
    Me: 35; PCOS w/regular cycles since losing 100+ lbs
    BFP - 10/25/18 - EDD 7/8/19
    Loss January 2019 @ 13 weeks. Unknown Causes
    Full Testing Workup
    Egg Retrieval June 2019
    Natural BFP July 2019 while waiting for transfer
    EDD - 4/6/20

  • @literatureandink I’m hoping that will work for us, as we can’t find anything new we even like (maybe because I already have a name that seems so “right”). Name meanings often ruin it for me too 😆
  • On my ultrasound it showed a low lying placenta. It wasn’t covering the cervix, but close to it (like 2 cm). Anyone have this on their scans and things turn out okay? The tech told me that it will probably move further away as my uterus grows, but I’m just just anxious that it will affect my ability to have a vaginal birth. 
  • @doraleigh35 yay!!!!! I’m so happy for you all. 
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    Best day ever so far! Loved having so much time watching her squirm around. She was also quite stubborn and was laying exactly how I sleep, one hand up next to her cheek 💕 it was so amazing to see everything all developed but know shes still so small in there. 10oz though. Getting the breakdown of everything from my midwife on Tuesday, so hopefully all is well!

  • From my anatomy scan yesterday. Stubborn girl didn’t let us get many good pictures. 


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