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  • Hey guys! 
    My Reno In the nursery goes slowly but still moving a bit 😁 My husband is a good man and normally does everything for me. Cooks me breakfast before I’m even up, fixed the leaky toilet and etc, he just hates renovating. It’s all good. As @mbradfo2 said babies don’t really need much, worse case I’ll set up a temporary baby station in a guest room or our bedroom. 
    I had my MFM Dr appointment. The baby is measuring 6lbs 11 oz and I’ll be 35wks tomorrow. They will induce me at 39 was because of my GD and meds that I’m taking. So 4 more weeks!!!! I can’t wait 🥰
  • @dukie001
    Yep, the temporary baby station is what we did when we first got home before we got things settled and picked up the last items for the nursery. We just used the pack n'play for changing (put a changing pad down) and some naps, but she mostly liked to be held or in her crib/bassinet. We got both crib and bassinet from my shower at 32 weeks and DH set up the bassinet while I waited to be discharged from the hospital (when he also installed the car seat). My sister gave us a bunch of burp cloths and blankies as hand-me-downs from her girls and my mom picked up a bunch of baby supplies at Target and dropped them off along with a case of formula, so we got comfy pretty quickly! Also, if you're a member of a community association or a church, see if there's a hot meal service they provide for families welcoming a newborn or in the hospital, etc. We got hot meals delivered every day for two weeks from our church after she arrived which greatly helped with the daily planning and cut down on the amount of delivery food we were ordering! They also gave us a huge gift basket of all sorts of baby items including some things we hadn't thought about like little bath toys. 
    ~~ Our Story in Spoiler! TW loss/child~~
    Fall 2012 -- started TTC
    Summer 2015 - no BFP yet, labs normal, referred to RE
    Fall 2015 - Summer 2016 - Further testing all normal. 3 IUI's -- BFN. Recommended move to IVF. Planned cycle for fall 2016.
    September 2016 - Surprise natural BFP. MMC @ 8 weeks. RE expressed confidence that we just needed the 'right' embryo.
    Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 -- Break from TTC
    June 2017 - Started IVF; egg retrieval for freeze all cycle. 9 mature eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized. 2 4BB embies on ice.
    August 2017 - FET transfer both embies. BFP.  Twin pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound. EDD 4/28/18
    September 2017 - Twin B stopped developing; Twin A doing perfectly! Graduated from RE @ 10 weeks
    March 2018 - Baby Girl born via C/S due to pre-eclampsia -- strong and healthy!

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  • @mbradfo2 I got a lot of hand me downs from couple of my colleagues. I don’t think I need any clothes any time soon 😁 however, it hard to walk away from a cute outfit in the store. This is my first baby, so as any FTM I’ll probably buy more than needed 😄. 

    I started packing my hospital bag today🤪. 
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