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TTC After a Loss

August Healthy Check-in

A place to check-in about your healthy habits-eating, exercise, mindfulness etc. Please share your tips, recipes, weight loss or whatever else regarding your healthy habits.

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Re: August Healthy Check-in

  • My goal is to start back jogging/fast walking this week! Plus stop eating so many sweets! What are y’all doing to help with the weight loss?
  • Good goals @Mamaof2beautifulgirls!

    My goal is to stay within my points since I went a tad overboard at the coast. I don't think I gained (or at least not much) but I just feel so yucky, I haven't been eating much junk or eating out lately and that's all we did lol.

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  • Great goals @Mamaof2beautifulgirls!

    @splashmountain Isn't it amazing how quickly your body gets used to good food and gets angry when you eat junk?

    Ugh you guys. I've gained a pound and I have nothing to blame but my crappy attitude from my most recent loss. I've bas stopped running and just cannot get myself motivated. I'm super frustrated.
  • @ruby696 I totally understand. You just had another loss, you're entitled to feel crappy and demotivated. Hopefully you start to feel more like yourself soon 😊

  • I second @splashmountain! @ruby696 self-care is so important!!! You have to be kind to yourself!  You will diet and run when you are ready!!! 
  • @ruby696 I agree with @splashmountain and @Mamaof2beautifulgirls take some time and things will get back on track soon. Our bodies are amazingly build and know what they're doing. We may not understand why something bad happened, but it could have been for the better.

    I am still not back at the gym. Took my doggy out for a walk twice this week already though. She doesn't get out much and so absolutly loved it, even though it was just around the block. Am hoping we can go out together more, just depends on the crazy weather we've been having this year.
  • I thought I’d let you ladies know I reached lifetime again at WW this past weekend. I have 11 more to go until I’m where I used to be.   You ladies were such good encouragement so I thought I’d share.   Hope you are all doing well 
  • @Mack2342 thats great news! Congrats!
  • @Mack2342 great update! Congrats on making lifetime, that's a huge deal. I hope you're doing well also 😊

  • @Mack2342 that is awesome!!! It’s great you are being so healthy! Thanks for the update!!!
  • @Mack2342, great work! 

    Since my loss in May I’ve gained about 13 lbs and fell off the consistent work out wagon. I am so mad at myself. So, I took that anger and rejoined WW. This past week I also went to bootcamp twice and I have a 5k Saturday and another run planned for Sunday. 

  • @tyrion_ it's totally understandable. It happens to everyone. No matter how often I tell myself I won't eat my emotions, I do, every dang time. Good for you doing bootcamp and rejoining ww!

    Afm, down 2.2 after small gains the last 2 weeks. Made it into the 180s and 59 lbs lost total 😊

  • Wow great job, @tyrion_ and @splashmountain
    My only workouts lately have been weeding my garden and purging my house, which involves moving boxes up and down stairs. I will get back to real workouts soon, especially after my basement is the way I want it😉
  • @splashmountain that is so awesome about being in the 180s! Can't wait to get back there myself! 
  • @splashmountain, that is an impressive loss! 59 lbs is amazing! 

    @ottergirl81 Weeding is no joke! I’d definitely count that. 
  • eqveqv member
    @ottergirl81 I have been slacking on the dog walking for longer than I'd care to say--but I took them out today, and they loved it. I loved getting some Vitamin D and am going to make it more of a habit when my schedule allows. 

    I've also been trying to get back into swimming. I tried on a dress for an upcoming wedding and noticed that it was more comfortable in the waist than when I wore it on a date with my husband in July. I much prefer clothes as a metric over the scale! So, definitely a motivator to keep getting in the pool!

  • After fluctuating up and down fir the last month, I lost 3.2 last night for a total of 61 lbs lost!

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