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  • Pretty sure we hit the 3wk growth spurt last night. He basically wanted a boob every hour. I weigh him first thing every morning and while he typically gains 1oz per day, today he's up 4oz. Holy smokes.

    I'm exhausted and crabby and everyone in the house is fighting. Ugh. We need sleep.
  • Sleep 😴 when will we all get sleep again? 
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  • @colleenm82 my oldest are 5 and 2.5 and I’m still waiting on the sleep haha
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  • Arya was all about the half hour nap last night. As soon as I was feeling asleep, she was walking up again. I never know what each night is going to be like... But I'm dreaming of the time when can be on more of a regular schedule! 
  • Last night was rough again and we are up another 3oz. I think we're past the worst of it.

    @nolemomma14 We are also waiting for the day we can sleep again! It's been nearly 7 years, but hope springs eternal!
  • LO is fine the first half of the night but without a doubt he’s up for 2 hours straight somewhere around 3am every night and it’s killing me. 
  • Hubby got home from work early today and I'm so thankful. I am so stuffy and feel like crap. I don't think it's allergies 😷! Just woke up from a glorious 1 hour impromptu nap that I did not intend to take with the baby. Panicked because my  2 year old was nowhere in sight. Thank goodness dad had him. Unfortunately I can not confirm I somehow managed to pick up a cold somewhere 
  • @mamanbebe man that's rough! I hope that phase passes soon for ya so you can get some more rest!

    @Cbeanz that's awesome that he gained so much! Seems like everyone is on the sleep deprivation train 😂

    @Niesen27 oh no I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't get too bad!

    I totally meant to post on the last check in  thread, but everytime I tried I either started and got interrupted or the app wasn't letting me post...le sigh 

    I'm pretty happy with how we are tag teaming it...DH usually does the nappy changes overnight I'm between me breastfeeding so I am thankful for that!

    I love that I'm able to breastfeed with this one, but I do find myself getting very stressed when we go out since I don't feel comfortable just whipping it out and prob never will. I may start bringing a bottle for times like this just for my sanity.

    Man we've tried giving LO a dummy and she just licks or gums it or just simply spits it out. We've tried 4 diff brands. Never had this problem with my first.  Any recommendations?
  • mamanbebe said:
    LO is fine the first half of the night but without a doubt he’s up for 2 hours straight somewhere around 3am every night and it’s killing me. 
    I could’ve written this verbatim. She’s fed and content to be held, but won’t go to sleep or be put down. Arrgghh.
  • @finnflan it’s so frustrating and exhausting. I keep hoping that some magical switch will flip at 6 weeks where they will sleep in the bassinet the whole night and keep a regular schedule that doesn’t include long stretches wide awake at night. 
  • Sigh.  If it's not one problem it's another. DD1 wouldn't breastfeed and now DD2 will, but won't take a bottle. We are trying to introduce a bottle for when I go back to work. We've tried when I'm not home and in the other room so she can't see me. Sometimes we can get her to drink about half an ounce between all the crying. I thought maybe it was my frozen milk she didn't like, but this last time it was fresh milk and we tried 5 different bottles. Daddy is getting very upset at it too, which I would since he was used to always feeding DD1 no problem. Any tips? Please someone tell me it gets better!
  • @BeatboxBaby Im sorry you're dealing with that, my only suggestion is to try different bottles. DS1 hated many bottles and changed it up at different stages, Born Free was our best though. DS2 is only on Natursutten but had issues figuring out the nipple at first. 
  • @mamanbebe we have another bottle coming in the mail today.. a few.people recommended the Nuk Simply Natural line so we are gonna give it a shot. How did you know it was a nipple issue? DD2 will push it around with her tongue a lot so I'm not sure if she's havin trouble sucking on it or if she just doesn't want it. She does the same with pacis.
  • @BeatboxBaby with the nipple issues he would chew instead of suckle at first. I think nipple shape can affect them as well as the flow. I hope you have good luck with Nuk, I hear Como Tomo is another good one for breastfed babies you end up wanting to try more. 
  • Did you try Dr. Brown's Options? My lactation consultant said the nipple shape and slow flow make it ideal for using along with breast feeding. We have already transitioned to all bottle feeding, but he didn't have an issue with it.
  • We've tried both como tomo and dr. Browns :(. Last night my husband tried the Nuk and she screamed like normal. Later in the evening I fed her on one side and fed her. I laid her on the boppy as if I were gonna feed again and she started watching TV so I tried the bottle and I managed to have it in her mouth without her screaming!  She pretty much just pushed it to the side and such but I feel like that's some progress. We are actually gonna try a faster flowing nipple cause I feel like my letdown is fast and maybe she is getting frustrated. Who knows!
  • @BeatboxBaby You may be onto something, some of the slow flow nipples are ridiculously slow and frustrating. You might look into both a faster flow and maybe a softer nipple? The Natursutten is the same style/size as Dr Browns but it's a really soft natural rubber. 
  • @mamanbebe fingers crossed!  We have the Nuk natural the fast flow nipple that has 9 holes in it. We are gonna try it tomorrow. I'll take a look at Natursutten..I haven't heard of that one before...thank you!
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