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Weekly Check-in Groups 1&2: 12/1 - 12/15 w/o 8/26

Est Due Date/Weeks + Days:

Team Blue/Pink/Green:

Upcoming Appointments:

How are you feeling?



GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be?

Re: Weekly Check-in Groups 1&2: 12/1 - 12/15 w/o 8/26

  • 24+1 12/15 ftm green

    Appt this Thursday don't know what we're going to do at it. 

    I feel awful lately.  No energy.  Back aches horribly.  No mental motivation. Going to try to get a workout in tonight regardless but we'll see. 

    Rants/raves: I wish it weren't Monday already :(

    Change places: with anyone whos a travel Instagrammer-- who just spends their life exploring country after country and works that way. 
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  • rjgmcmanusrjgmcmanus member
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    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: December 14, 24 weeks, 2 days

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: team blue!

    Upcoming Appointments: Wednesday is our high risk ultrasound screen to try and figure out why baby boy is so small...nervous, but also kind of excited to see his little face again. Good vibes needed.

    How are you feeling? Hormonal. Somewhat achey, but not as bad as a couple weeks ago--the new PT is already a million times better than the old one.

    Rants/Raves: VACATION this week! So stoked, and so needed. So I will be MIA here for a few days. Here's hoping the dog doesn't get sick again and we don't have to reschedule again, haha!

    Questions: None at the moment, but if I do later, I'll throw them up on the question thread.

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? JK Rowling...because then I'd already be a successful author with millions of dollars and able to do what I want without a worry in the world.
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  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/5 25w4d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue 💙

    Upcoming Appointments: 8/29 For 26 week check up and GD screen

    How are you feeling? Aching all over! My hips feel like they’re spreading and hurt when I’ve been sitting for too long and my feet are sore and swollen when I’m walking even a short distance.

    Rants/Raves: TMI but I can now only comfortably shave from my ankles to my knees. I managed to hit other areas last night but it was a struggle and I’m stressing about having 14 weeks of this left 😂

    Questions: If you’re having a shower when is it scheduled? I’m sending invites out Friday and man it seems close!

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? Im picking instagram influencer too. To get paid to sponsor products and review free things while staying home with your family would be so nice. I’d like to be a wealthy one with a large following but even on a small scale it’d be cool to have extra income for just using household items and handing out with my kids.
  • @rjgmcmanus Big prayers for you guys Wednesday! I hope they can tell you what’s going on and it’s just a case of small mama, small baby. 

    @bookworm492 My energy levels have tanked the last couple of weeks. I really struggle by 3pm yet I cannot fall asleep at night. It’s crazy 
  • @k_mama91 Thank you!!! ❤ Also, to answer your question, ours is September 14! It'll be here before we know it. My BF sent out the invites in July, she and my sister are co-hosting it.
  • Spartanrd4Spartanrd4 member
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    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: Dec 10th, 24w6d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: Next OB appointment is in 2 weeks 

    How are you feeling? New symptom is heartburn which I didn't have with DD- finally bit the bullet and bought some tums last week. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave- DH finished painting and putting the wallpaper up in the nursery- every time DD sees inside she announces- "This is my brother's room!" Its so cute! Next we will order the crib and the dresser. 

    Rant- I have been shaving my bikini area blindly since I can't see down there anymore and this am I nicked myself....grrr. 

    Questions: Not at the moment 

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? I wish I could change places with someone who does really creative things for a living and makes good money at it. I used to paint a lot when I had more free time and to get paid to do that would be amazing. 

    @rjgmcmanus I hope your ultrasound goes okay and find out whats going on, hopefully with a plan you will feel better...its so hard when you don't have any answers and are just waiting to see. 

    @k_mama91 When I had my shower for DD I had it at 33 weeks- it was in January and I was nervous about the weather being bad but it ended up being unseasonable warm and even rained a little bit that day. Michigan weather is weird! 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days:  12/1 and 26W1D

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink ❤️

    Upcoming Appointments: Tomorrow is my glucose screening- not looking forward to that one...

    How are you feeling?  I’ve definitely felt everything is more cramped and uncomfortable in my abdomen lately, especially in the evening.  Tired, trying to stay hydrated, but can’t fit that much water.  Frustrating.  Lots of kicking and shifting, on a good note 😊

    Rants/Raves:  In a rant/rave, we get to take pictures this week as a family.  Of course I’m feeling way more bloated and blech this week, so we’ll see how these things turn out...

    Questions:   Has it felt like a sudden growth spurt for anybody else lately?  It was pretty slow and steady for a while, but as I said above, this week just feels tight and uncomfy.  
    I’m sure I’ve gained more weight this week than normal, too.  Stretch marks here I come 😛

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be?  This is tough- I think I’d chose somebody like Gwyneth Paltrow who gets to focus on their health and well-being with their business and makes a ton of money off of it.  I’m not personally a huge fan of hers, but she’s fine well with her GOOP company.  Maybe Jessica Alba and Honest Company, another option?
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/12, 24w 4d
    Team Blue/Pink/Green: blue 
    Upcoming Appointments: thurs, my 1hr glucose test and a normal ob apt. 
    How are you feeling? My stomach feels sore all the time, like I did 100 crunches. I know it’s just my stomach expanding but still hurts. 
    Rants/Raves: I have finally found a face lotion to help with my extreme dry skin! Hello body seems to be doing the trick. Thank you instagram lol
    Questions: nope
    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? I have no idea. I always say I want to be my parents when I grow up. They go on amazing vacations, watch the kids when it fits their schedule so maybe them when they go on one of their 5 lavish vacations a year lol. 
  • rjgmcmanusrjgmcmanus member
    edited August 2019
    @Spartanrd4 thank you! Also, love your daughter's reaction . So adorable. And I feel you on the bikini front...I gave up a couple weeks ago and am scheduling myself for a wax once a month for the next few months now. It's just easier.
  • @rjgmcmanus best of luck! Sending good vibes 🙏

    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/7, 25w2d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink 

    Upcoming Appointments: Wednesday morning for 1 hour glucose test. So nervous 😨

    How are you feeling?: Eh. Some back pain here and there. I woke up at 4 last night and never fell back asleep, so that sucked.

    Rants/Raves: This is my last week of summer before going back to work (I’m a teacher), but luckily DH happens to have the week off too (he works for a TV show and has scheduled hiatus weeks). I loooove having this time off together.

    Questions: not right now

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? Anyone on Queer Eye who gets a gorgeous new hair style, wardrobe, and home for free 😅
  • @rjgmcmanus @Spartanrd4 Ours is Oct 12 which seems so soon. I can’t believe we’re at the point of showers. Kentucky weather is also weird so I’m worried it will be either sweltering or freezing. We tend to be one or the other in October.
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: December 9th 25 weeks today

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments: Sep 19 for 1 hour glucose

    How are you feeling? Pretty well. So i had my massage with my husband yesterday for his birthday. Mine was a prenatal massage and I actually loved it. I have always hated people touching me but she worked out a lot of painful spots and I was tons more relaxed being next to my husband.  Aside from that just the usual acid reflux every night and short of breath chasing my 10 month (11 in a week) old all over the house that is learning to walk. 

    Rants/Raves: This week is super stressed for me. School started for me online today. 5 classes 15 credits. My daughter goes to preschool starting Wednesday and I have been on the phone with the buses and school getting everything in order. Not to mention my 10 month old only wants to take 1 nap a day....but she is finally sleeping through the night. But now baby likes to kick me at night!!! 

    Questions: n/a

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be? I would trade places with Tesla for a few days at the end of his life before he dies. I have studied a lot about him through my life and watching documentaries and tv shows based around him. He is so full of secrets and mystery. I would just love to be inside of his mind. 

    @rjgmcmanus good luck at your appointment! I hope all goes smooth !!!
  • @lilyrheas Thank you! ❤ And I hope your week is smooth and as stress-free as possible!
  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days:     12/8     25 weeks, 1 day 

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Team Blue 

    Upcoming Appointments:  Next appointment is 9/3 for 26 weeks and then I'll be heading into 2 week appointments with one the 9/16 for the glucose test. 

    How are you feeling?   I am still pretty miserable in regards to refulx when I don't take my medication.   But I've been trying to get more in the habit of taking it right away in the morning when I wake up with some other medications (rather than with breakfast) and then again before dinner.  Recently, I've been getting ligament pain in my abdomen/hip area so I think baby is running outta space.   I also have been experiencing a bunch of anxiety, which is something I've never really experienced in this number of instances or magnitude. 

    Rants/Raves:     I apologize for being m.i.a. on here, I really enjoy this community and have had time to read but not actually post.   This time of year work is crazy (I work for a state university) and it's August so that means students just came back to campus, but we're open and getting closer to September which means it'll slow down a little bit.

    Also a major rant, I am driving myself crazy with seeing the scale go up.   I had lost all of the baby weight after #2 and kept it off for over 2 years and have been trying to give myself grace knowing the scale will be going up due to pregnancy.   Being so sick the first 14 weeks and now with the reflux it's been difficult to eat healthy and make the best food decisions.  I was so determined to keep my weight gain to the minimum of the 25-35 pound range my doctor gave me, but I keep seeing the scale creep up and it's driving me crazy.  I think it's also heightened because my best friend is getting married in June - 6 months to the date of my due date - so I'm constantly thinking about having to order/fit into a bridesmaids dress and how/if I'll be able to take off the baby weight to look as I'd prefer to for her wedding. 

    Questions: Is it too early to be nesting? I've been cleaning everything in my house the past couple weekends, which is great because super clean house :P but is in no way getting anything ready for baby #3. 

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be?   I'm honestly not sure.  
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  • k_mama91  The times I've been wearing shorts in this heat has been a knee to ankle shaving trick that I feel like takes forever to try to make happen... which I still find spots I missed after the fact.   Which may be why I've mainly been rocking pants or maxi skirts/dresses lately. 

    cpk3535  I felt that scale jump at my last appointment, my doctor commented on how it increased and how it shouldn't do that everytime, but that we won't consistently gain on a steady average.  
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  • @allison_smith_6212 OMG, I can totally relate on the weight watching issue.  I did the same thing since last pregnancy (although it's been a much longer timeframe), and I've been feeling so good about my health habits from the past few years.  Now with pregnancy involved, a lot of that seems to have gone out the window with the way my body reacts to certain foods and it just feels uncomfortable.  I love to have this baby coming, but I want to be in control of my body again!

    @k_mama91 Haha, I gave up on shaving well a few weeks ago.  Now it's just baggy exercise pants.  Lucky for me, I kind of hate my legs all the time, so I'm not much of a shorts person.  I'm a redhead- lots of us have thick legs :P  

    @rjgmcmanus I hope your appointment goes well!  Hopefully just a poor measurement job on the first round.  Our numbers honestly didn't make a ton of sense to me from our scan, and a lot of their estimated weights and measurements seem way off when the baby comes out.  I'll keep you in my thoughts  <3
  • @rjgmcmanus Best wishes for your ultrasound!  And glad to hear that PT is going better.  Hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation.
    @k_mama91 I'm having a little mini shower in my hometown this weekend, since I'll be home for Labor Day, and then my local shower will be Sept. 22.  
    @Spartanrd4 you are a brave soul to blindly shave your bikini area😆  

    Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 25w4d

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments: Friday morning for 3-hour glucose test.  Not looking forward to that one.

    How are you feeling?  Starting to get more uncomfortable.  My feet have started feeling sore and looking a bit swollen by the end of the day.  Sleeping is becoming tougher, too, although it seems to help if I put pillows behind me to help prevent me from rolling on to my back.

    Rants/Raves:  I was a little disappointed to learn that I am mildly anemic.  Not too surprising since I am a vegetarian, but it has never been an issue for me before because I eat a balanced diet.  I guess my body just cant keep up now that I'm producing more blood.  Anyway, hopefully the iron pills will help give me more energy, but they cause nausea and constipation so that isn't ideal.

    Also, I'm feeling the polar opposite of cute and sexy lately.  I'm sure that won't improve the further along I get in this pregnancy 🙄

    Questions:  not right now

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be?
    Maybe a chic Parisian☺  Actually, I think I would be happy to still be myself, but on a vacation to Paris.
  • @blueskychicago12 I’m curious to know if I’m dealing with slight anemia now, too.  I’ve been drained lately...And also, I’m ALSO feeling the opposite of cute and sexy- it’s hit like a ton of bricks this week especially.  I only see it getting worse from here on out...😛
  • rjgmcmanusrjgmcmanus member
    edited August 2019
    @blueskychicago12 Thank you! ❤ Also, Paris is on my bucket list too. That's a good one!
  • @rjgmcmanus I went there for my honeymoon.  It's heavenly!
  • @allison_smith_6212 I’ve found myself nesting too. I’m doing random organizing around the house which isn’t benefiting baby but it’ll help after he’s here to have some of this done.

    @cpk3535 My legs have gotten so fat that I’ve gone to pants at this point. Solves my shaving issue 🤷🏼‍♀️

    @nothingbuttherain I’ve started on some onesies for Christmas. I think we’re  going to do family pjs again this year and need to start looking for those too.

    @blueskychicago12 Good luck Friday!
  • Just took my blood sample after chugging a gross sweet orange drink- now we wait and see...😬

  • Est Due Date/Weeks + Days: 12/10- 25wks today

    Team Blue/Pink/Green: blue

    Upcoming Appointments: just had one Friday, back in 4wks

    How are you feeling? Tired and getting more uncomfortable. Feel like I’m way bigger at this point than with my first. 

    Rants/Raves: start with the good- he’s an active little dude and I love that I feel him all the time. 
    The bad- ranked my 1hr glucose by 12 points. Have to go back for a 3 hour...  it happy about it. 

    Questions: for the 3 hour, do I really need someone to go with me or would I be ok after to drive home?  It’s like 10-15 minutes. 

    GTKY: if you could change places with someone dead or alive, who would it be?  There may be things about my life I wish were different but I don’t think I’d change places with anyone 
  • @cpk3535 I picked fruit punch flavor this time. I’m hoping it tastes better than the orange. 
  • @cnd29 I went to the 3 hour by myself and was fine to drive. The only reason I had someone with me last pregnancy is because I thought I would be bored sitting there by myself and wanted some entertainment! 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • @k_mama91 I had fruit punch and I didn’t mind it (besides the obvious super sweetness)
  • cpk3535cpk3535 member
    edited August 2019
    @cnd29 I’m already sort of planning to have to go to the 3 hour appointment- I don’t know why, just expecting to fail the 1 hour with how everybody else’s luck has gone!😛

    @k_mama91 @lamarshall I would have picked fruit punch- sounds better than the orange!  I would have also been better slightly colder, but this is Kaiser- whatcha gonna do?  😜
  • @cnd29 OMG, I feel so much bigger this time around too! I mean, granted, I started this pregnancy about 10-12 lbs heavier than I started the last one so I'm already almost up to my max weight from last time, but just in terms of stomach size vs everything else it just seems so much more "out there" than before. 
    June2017-boy, November2019-boy, August2021-?

  • @cnd29 My office recommended bringing a snack for the end because we will probably be famished after the 3 hour test.  If you eat something before you leave, I think maybe you'll be fine to drive home.  They probably just don't want you to pass out on your drive after fasting.
  • @cnd29 @capricaandrea my stomach is absolutely bigger this time around. I started out weighing less this time around but I bet I gain more in the end. 
  • Congrats @rjgmcmanus so glad to hear!
  • @rjgmcmanus That is awesome news :) 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • @rjgmcmanus that’s so wonderful to hear!  I had a feeling somebody just wasn’t measuring correctly.  So happy to hear everything is well for your family- now you can sleep again!  ❤️
  • @rjgmcmanus that is great news!! A little less stress off the top
  • @rjgmcmanus That’s great news!
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