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TTCAL week of 8/12

1. Introduce yourself 
2. Status?
3. R/R:
4.GTKY: What is one of your favourite summer childhood memories? (ex: fishing with Grandpa).

Re: TTCAL week of 8/12

  • . Introduce yourself- not new- two losses in 2014 and 19
    2. Status? TWW
    3. R/R: I have more ranting than raving!!! 🙄 I feel like all I do anymore is worry or complain!!! 😳 (I am working hard on both). I really do not want to test at the two week mark. I really want to just wait and see how if AF comes and then test. I have to have my progesterone tested Friday and I just want to avoid that too. I just feel more comfortable with just waiting and seeing... 
    4.GTKY: What is one of your favourite summer childhood memories? (ex: fishing with Grandpa) My favorite memory is watching movies with my mom or one of my friends. It was a tradition in my house growing up we would rent a new movie, have popcorn, and hot chocolate. It was the best and so exciting! 
  • ble1ble1 member
    1. Introduce yourself: MMC Feb '18. Diagnosed partial molar, mtx shots June '18. Benched for a year
    2. Status? Af just showed so starting day 1
    3. R/R: rant the "fun" of ttc is over. Its been 4 cycles of trying and counting days until and after has kind of become more of a chore. 
    4.GTKY: What is one of your favourite summer childhood memories? (ex: fishing with Grandpa). I used to love just being outside playing or catching lightening bugs and campfires.Summer was always such a special time. I like this topic🙂

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls I had my progestrone tested Saturday. Its really nerve racking but knowing the number meant I o'ed was worth it because I didn't get a positive opk test this month. 
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  • Hello @ble1! Welcome to this group! I totally understand the whole being over TTC. I think my husband actually looked at me last week and was like no MORE! 😳😂
  • 1. Introduce yourself: nmc 12/16, cp 7/18
    2. Status? Wto
    3. Rant: We have a new girl at work who will be a supplemental employee, so she trains at everyone's desk so that she can cover every position and she starts out with one coworker who, for whatever reason, is training her on how to my job. She should be training her on her job, not mine. Plus she doesn't know how to do my job, so she's training her incorrectly! I'm so annoyed and confused. By the time she trains with me, she's going to be so screwed up. 
    Rave: it's still super hot here, but the leaves on the iak trees are starting to fall so it's feeling a little autumn-ish 😊
    4.GTKY: What is one of your favourite summer childhood memories? (ex: fishing with Grandpa). We used to live on a dairy farm so there were tons of cows and my brothers and I would always go hang out in the calf barn when there was a new batch. They were the cutest!

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls good luck holding out on testing. I know I've said it before, but having an 8 day lp, I don't ever need to test so I don't know how well I'd do if I waited 2 weeks for af lol. FX this is your cycle!

    @ble1 sorry for your loss and the super long wait. TTC does get old, really fast. Hopefully you don't have to stick around for too long
  • ble1ble1 member
    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls haha dh is the same way. The newness of trying wore off.

    @splashmountain I loved reading your favorite part of summer, we've been looking at buying a farm and seeing that was a favorite memory makes me want to see if anything came up for sale

    Hopefully this is a short time here for everyone, ending in healthy pregnancies
  • @splashmountain I love your childhood story!!! I would ❤️ that! So awesome! Sorry about the coworker. I am having to train a new teacher and it does get old very quickly 
  • @Mamaof2beautifulgirls I’m sorry you’ll have to test when you don’t want to. I’m hoping for a happy outcome for you, though! 

    @ble1 The fun sure wore off quickly over here. I think after a loss it’s even worse because you were pregnant but here you are having to try again. And again. And again 🙄 I hope you aren’t here too much longer, though! 

    @splashmountain is there anyone you can bring this to in order to keep her from getting further trained incorrectly? That’s so annoying and I’m sorry that you’re going to have to undo it in the future. 

    1. Early loss May 2019 

    2. TWW 10 DPO with a lovely BFN this morning 

    3. R/R: WHY WHY WHY did I test?! I have been feeling negative about this cycle because I’ve been PMSing and I broke out. But I dreamt I had a baby girl last night so of course it means I’m pregnant, right. Ugh. Mad at myself. 

    4. Going to Puerto Rico to visit family. It was always so fun and my parents were the best version of themselves over there. I haven’t been in over 13 years 😞
  • @tyrion_ ugh!!! I am so sorry ab the BFN!!! I am a big believer in dreams and I am believing very soon this dream will come true! 
  • Can't believe I started this thread and then didn't respond with my status!

    @Mamaof2beautifulgirls we did the movie thing too. So fun, especially on a thunder stormy night.

    @ble1 Welcome, sorry about your losses. I know what you mean about TTC being more of a chore than fun. Hopefully your stay here is short.

    @splashmountain training new people is never fun. Good luck with the whole situation with your co-worker.

    @tyrion_ sorry about the bfn. I have pregnant dreams sometimes and wish so bad that they were real.

    1. Introduce yourself CP Nov.'18 and CP July '19
    2. Status? Self Benched 
    3. R/R: Decided to self bench this cycle due to it being the first one after my last loss. Am really anxious to get going on trying again, but feel I should give my body a bit of a rest. 
    4.GTKY: What is one of your favourite summer childhood memories? (ex: fishing with Grandpa).
    Picking weeds in my best friend's parent's garden! We would get to play anywhere in the neighborhood as long as we wanted if we did an hour (I think it was an hour, felt like so long!) of weed picking. This happened often throughout the summer. Actually loathed picking weeds, but loved that I got to be with my bestie during those times.
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