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Group 1 check-in (12/1-12/8) w/o 7/22

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GTKY: Do you have any pets? (feel free to share pictures!)

Re: Group 1 check-in (12/1-12/8) w/o 7/22

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  • @moonriver_and_me I feel like I’ve expanded in the last week. People are definitely noticing and like you I am having tons of back/hip pain. P.S. Your fur babies are adorable 😊
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  • @moonriver_and_me I *totally* popped this week- I’ve had way more people asking me when I’m due all of the sudden, and I'm finding it way more difficult to be comfortable in my clothes and while trying to sleep.  Also, YES, I'm totally wanting to be treated like a pregnant lady.  Last night, I took out garbage because I just couldn't wait for DH to jump on it anymore, and when I got back inside, he was like, "Hey, you should've let me do that!"  I was a little annoyed, because I had taken multiple trips in and out of the house and he totally could've helped.  Whatever!!  :p

    @k_mama91 Now that baby is trying to kick and move more often, I actually have been able to feel the movement from the outside from time to time.  It was really hard to catch those movements when it was so sporadic at first!  I’m really glad to hear the spotting and pain tapering off.  I hope you keep feeling better! 

  • I love seeing everyone’s pets! Almost has me pregnant lady crying bc I love mine so much 😭

    @cpk3535 I responded on the other thread but I’ve been kicked in what seems like my bladder. He’s still horizontal from hip to hip but this week I’m getting pokes in my groin which is really odd. 
  • @k_mama91 Yes, that’s what I was feeling, almost like little pokes and jabs to the vagina from the inside!  Some had a little more painful feel, some just had a strange, almost UTI pressure feel.  Again, I feel bad that I didn’t take more notes about what happened during DD’s pregnancy- I feel like I completely forgot all of these symptoms and only remember the end!  To be fair, I was on another epilepsy medication (among other things) that gave me a really foggy brain and bad memory retention, but still...stupid medicine!
  • @candileti Welcome! Potty training is rough and apparently boys take longer to catch on than girls, lucky us haha hang in there!

    @blueskychicago12 That’s great news! I’m sure it was a huge relief to know she has a healthy heart.
  • @candileti I found out yesterday that the monitor we chose specifically because it could have additional cameras added to it has been discontinued since we bought it 2 years ago, and asked my other mom-friends what they recommended. I've seen a lot of positive recommendations for the Summer Infant Panoramic, the DBPower, and Motorola. 
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  • I decided to reschedule my appt from the 7th to the 1st. It was originally 3 weeks from our last and he wanted to see me in 2 anyway. I woke up this morning with abdominal tenderness. I had a nice few days break and hope I’m wrong but this usually means bleeding and spotting is coming.
  • @allison_smith_6212 omg that cake looks freaking delicious 😋Congrats on another boy!!
  • @allison_smith_6212 that cake is so cute!  What a fun little gender reveal!
  • How’s everybody feeling?  It’s going to be screaming hot this week (no wind, dry 104 for two days predicted), so I’m just going to try to stay cool and hydrated as best I can.  I’ve kept up with my yoga, and luckily my husband has been getting more active on yoga and cardio, too, out of frustration with some sympathy pregnancy weight gain.  I’m definitely feeling more of a volleyball sized uterine bump going, so it interferes a bit with exercises, but not bad!  

    Maybe TMI, but how’s everybody’s pregnancy sex life going?  We’ve actually been having a pretty good time (when time allows of course)!  Everything’s feeling healthy down there right now for the most part- no major issues.

    I hope you all have lovely weekends-  stay cool and comfy ❤️😊
  • @cpk3535 I'll admit it's rough for me. It really hurts,  and has really hurt,  since early 1st trimester.  Fortunately my husband totally gets it. I try my best but it's not the same any more,  but I remind myself it's only temporary. 
  • @cpk3535 I threw out modesty about 6 months ago.. All I want to do is have sex but we’ve refrained since my last bleed. I cannot wait to ask about this Thursday even though I’m sure the answer is “No”.
  • Not a lot of sexy times happening over here.  Mainly because I feel like a beached whale.
  • @blueskychicago12 Haha, I think we all know that feeling! 😂

    @k_mama91Ugh, that’s miserable!  As if the spotting isn’t bad enough!  😛

    @bookworm492 I wonder if you’re feeling pain during sex due to the position of the baby.  I’ve been watching your bump on the pictures not changing much- is it possible baby’s just super low, due to a tilted uterus or something?
  • @cpk3535 could be! I'm going to ask about my lack of weight gain (I'm only up 3 pounds overall) and positioning at my visit on Thursday.  
    My mom, when she was pregnant with me, said she was really small all 2nd trimester and that no one at work (other than who she told) noticed she was pregnant until about 12 wks before I was born.  Perhaps it is genetic, something to do with uterine position. She only managed to gain about 20-25 lbs total I think, I was born about 1.5 wks late but at an average size of 7ish lbs.
    You can tell I'm pregnant or at least shaped differently when I'm in my form fitting workout clothes or my swimsuit. Even then though it looks more like 13-14 weeks. 
    I'm certainly not starving myself,  I eat when I'm hungry,  but I am a pretty active person. Maybe I need to slow down,  we will see Friday at my ultrasound how large the baby measures.  It is certainly kicking around a lot! My husband rested his hand on my stomach and felt it for the first time last night. 
  • @allison_smith_6212 LOL at the ultrasound picture. We were team green so I've never actually seen what an ultrasound that shows the sex like that looks like (people tend to not share those ones as often LOL) 
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