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  • @mrsbuddd wow! That's crazy to me! I mean, I get that adding to your family may not have been planned just yet until you are in a bigger home. But that's life! It doesn't always go exactly as planned. And frankly, it's YOUR life, to live how YOU want. I'm sorry your family isn't more supportive. To go as far as to comment about both control while you're pregnant? 3 isn't even that many! And 4 is decent too. Of course, disclaimer, I myself want 3. I am one of 4. My mom is one of 3, and my dad is one of 10(!) So, in general, to me it makes sense to have at least a few kids. So, perspectives are different, but regardless, family should be supportive as long as you're not harming yourself. At the end of the day, your body, your children, your life. That being said, you could just not say anything until you're showing so much they just figure it out 😅 there's no rule saying you have to announce at all if you don't want to. 
  • @mrsbuddd wow! People need to mind their own damn business! This makes me so angry for you! The only people who should be concerned with your family planning is you & your partner! Everyone else should piss off! Im sorry your family arent more supportive!
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  • @mrsbuddd that’s awful! I’m so sorry your family is likely to react that way. That’s not okay at all. I hope you can celebrate with friends who will be supportive. 

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support. ❤️ We are going on vacation with my parents next week and with how sick and exhausted I’ve felt this pregnancy I don’t think I’ll be able to hide it when we’re all staying under the same roof, so we’ll probably tell them at some point on the trip. Hopefully they surprise me and react positively but I won’t hold my breath...we’ll see. 

    Sorry for hijacking this thread!!
  • Hi everyone! This is my first baby and I am looking forward to sharing the news with our families during our big 4th of July Celebration, but am getting nervous to tell my employer. I have been with them for almost 8 months and am due at the beginning of January so I will be there for over a year when the baby is here! I am hoping to tell work next week when I am officially 12 weeks! I would be so grateful for any advice you may have! 
  • This wiLl be our fourth babe, and totally unexpected as our “baby” is 8 and we were DONE 😂😂
    so we’re getting Mylar balloons that spell out “plot twist” with each kid & hubby holding letters. Then me in a cute maternity dress at the end. 

    The kids get to find out out when they open shirts next week (12 weeks) that say oldest, middle, youngest and then youngest but with it crossed out and middle wrote instead.
  • @manders9479 Perfect! Wow, I remember that book.  I think my mom got it for me when my little sister was born. 
  • *lurking* 

    ahhhhhhhh @marebear15 I love it so much!!!! So flipping happy for you, friend!!!!!! 🥰😍😘🥳

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • @biolprof that is too cute! 
  • @kbrown2385 ironically most of the stuffed animals are DHs and tea time was his idea. How can I not love him!! 😂😂
  • @biolprof that is a adorable!!
  • @jillro0421 I totally love that! I should have done something thoughtful to announce to my husband but he was sort of suspicious any way.
  • @kbrown2385 love this so much 
  • @kbrown2385 so cute! 😍😍 And, not to take away from the adorableness, but now I keep hearing that YouTube guy in my head "double rainbow!" 
  • @peppyj9 got a link? I have no idea what you’re talking about lol
  • @peppyj9 idk how have I never seen that! Probably the best thing on YouTube 🤣. He was so happy! 
  • @kbrown2385 isn't it the best? "What does this MEAN?!?" 😂😂
  • @peppyj9 Omg you reminded me of something I saw like over 10 years ago?? That was good stuff! 

    @kbrown2385 I love your announcement and the wording is great! So cute!!
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