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Cameron vs. Camden?

We love the nickname Cam.  Which goes best with siblings Benjamin (Ben) and Avery (girl)?

Middle name would be Wayne.  (family name)

Cameron vs. Camden? 44 votes

90% 40 votes
9% 4 votes

Re: Cameron vs. Camden?

  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Cameron. Camden doesn’t feel like a “real name” to me and also reminds me of the show 7th Heaven.
  • Cameron no question

    Camden is a crime ridden city you might as well name them Compton 

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  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
    I'm a Cameron mom and that definitely gets my vote. It's refreshing to see on a boy.
  • really dislike both of them but Camden is a disgusting crime ridden by default...Cameron

  • I have a son named Kamden and love it. I get lots of compliments.
  • Another vote for Cameron!
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