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  • Anybody else starting a new job around now? 😬 My former boss who I love recruited me (I work in tech like everyone in SF), even though he knew I’m 4 months along. It was a significant pay increase but I’m leaving a company where I had 4 years of goodwill built...

    The CEO and HR were all totally fine with my pregnancy before I signed the offer (and i negotiated for a decent mat leave) but I’m most nervous about my new team...I’m inheriting 2 direct reports and need to hire 2 more this summer.

    Any advice on having the “btw I’m pregnant” conversation with my team? I don’t want them to think I’m coming on only to abandon them in December. FWIW I just started showing in a way that’s harder (tho not impossible) to hide...
  • @midgerose86 I started my job when I was 6 wks.  They still don't know.  I'm afraid to tell everyone.  I am going to have to in early July though. 
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  • Guys I’m stressing so much!! I’m finding it impossible to chill out. I basically want to tell every person that emails me a question that what they are asking is immaterial and to back off. Pretty sure I’m gonna get talked to because I’ve been audible about it in a very quiet space. It’s bad. Oh well. 
    ME: 34
    DH: 37
    DD: 03/17/17
    DS: 12/06/19
  • @mecoats I got myself into a little trouble yesterday at work for giving some sass to someone who totally deserved it.  I should've bit my tongue but didn't.  I feel a little guilty because it's out of character for me, but at the same time it felt kind of good😈😆
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