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Group 3 Check In (12/17-12/24) w/o 6/24

EDD/Weeks + Days: 


Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: 

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 



GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination?

Re: Group 3 Check In (12/17-12/24) w/o 6/24

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/18. Will be 15 weeks on Wednesday. 


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green:   Team Pink!

    Upcoming Appointments: Routine apt on 7/2

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 

    I feel like a broken record. I wish I was feeling better. Mostly I have been getting really bad migraines and having to take a lot of time of work. Which means extra work on the days I go back and less money then I need from all the unpaid sick days. It is very stressful and something I need to talk to my doctor about at my next visit. 

    Rants/Raves: Please see answers above and below for my rants.

    Rave: how well my husband is handling everything, including most of the Bill's since my paychecks are so short. He is a godsend and I seriously could not be doing this without him.


    Do you ever feel guilty for not enjoying your pregnancy more?

    I have some preexisting conditions that had us worried I would either never get pregnant or it would be hard to do. Turns out that wasn't the case. But now I feel so guilty for being so miserable all the time. I feel like my body isn't even mind anymore, I'm sick all the time, have no energy and am terrified of giving birth. But I'm also over the moon that we get a baby at the end! I've never wanted anything more then to be a mom. But gosh I hate being pregnant. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination?

    Orlando because I am a total nerd. I love all the theme parks, how close it is to the beach, and just everything you can do around there. It is my favorite winter destination to get away from the snow.
  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/17 - 15 weeks tomorrow!


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Green

    Upcoming Appointments: 6/26 routine appt and quad screen

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 
    Mostly great. My right sciatic is a prior issue, and definitely flaring a little. Called a PT place that works with pregnant women and am hoping for a call back ASAP. Took walks every day from Thursday and usually moving helps me feel a lot better. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave: can I keep these pregnancy boobs forever?! I am not a well
    endowed human, so I’m enjoying this (for now)! 

    Questions: none at the moment 

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? London, and then the ability to scoot around from there. 
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  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/18 - 14+6


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: Tomorrow for my checkup

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 
    I had norovirus this weekend so I'm still in recovery from that. It was pretty miserable, I slept all day Friday because I couldn't think about food and was so nauseous. I know I only made it worse because I'm pretty sure I got dehydrated and now playing catch up. I tweaked my pelvis funny this weekend too and it was hurting pretty bad again. Other than that energy is good, and I feel like I can keep up on housework again. No real cravings at this point. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave: We found and hired a doula! My husband is just as excited about her as I am so that makes it even better!

    Rant: my birthday is this weekend and all I want to do is go out to dinner or do something fun just the three of us but my husband keeps saying that it's the monthly neighborhood happy hour and we should go to that instead. I know I'm being bratty, but I don't really care for the host and I always end up having to "be in charge" of our daughter (ie get her food, take her potty, help her warm up to the other children) and don't ever end up having any adult time myself while my husband runs off as soon as we walk in the door to drink and have adult conversations. When I suggest he takes over he looks at me like I'm from outerspace and like he has no idea what I'm talking about. I just don't want to deal with that right now. 

    Questions: none at the moment 

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? depends on the purpose of the vacation. I love Banff! Southern Utah is also really great for hiking. 
  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 14 weeks, 4 days, due 12/21/19


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: We're team pink. (Our third girl!)

    Upcoming Appointments: I have one this afternoon. It's with my least fave OB. His bedside manner is okay, but he's pretty old-school/patriarchal and uses scare tactics when I bring up a VBAC. I'm hoping he won't be the one on-call when I deliver.

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Overall I've been feeling much better lately, with the exception of a bad headache over the weekend. I went to church yesterday morning then stayed in bed the rest of the day.

    Rants/Raves: Watching my blood sugar due to h/o GD. My fasting numbers are already a little higher than I'd like, but the rest have been just fine. I've been following the diet for the most part anyway because I'm trying to watch my weight gain. So far, so good.

    Questions: I'm not sure when to go to HR about maternity leave. I work with our HR VP on a project, and I told her I was pregnant, but I'm not sure about the timeline.

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? I'm the kind of person who just loves to see something new, so while I've really enjoyed visiting lots of places, somewhere I've never been will always be at the top of my list. Some faves, though: Washington/British Columbia; Santa Cruz, CA; Charleston, SC (lots of spots along the southern Atlantic coast of the USA); Chicago; Texas Hill Country
    DD#1 - 12/09  
    DD#2 - 7/13  
    Baby #3 due 1/19, m/c 6/18  
    DD#3 due 12/19!
  • @mrszoobear , I really hate being pregnant, too. I am uncomfortable for 10 months. We almost didn't try for a third because pregnancy is so rough for me.  TBH, I'm not even a huge fan of the newborn stage, but my 5 & 9 yo DDs are where it's at. I can't imagine life without them. You're right: there's a baby at the end. There are some women who just love being pregnant but I think most of us don't. And IMO, it's kind of a patriarchy thing to expect women to always be excited about having a baby. That shit is hard, and it's okay to have mixed emotions.
    DD#1 - 12/09  
    DD#2 - 7/13  
    Baby #3 due 1/19, m/c 6/18  
    DD#3 due 12/19!
  • Days: 14 weeks today!!! 12/23


    Green! (Every time we tell people this they get so excited? lol) 

    Upcoming Appointments: July 2 for checkup. can't we just get an ultrasound every time! that'd be cool 

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): I feel NORMAL! YAY! I also feel like my boobs weigh 50lbs each.

    Rave: Visited family on both sides all weekend back in Pittsburgh, so that was fun!
    Rant: also saw some friends who all have puppies/dogs and we had a pizza night with them all, and during that time they all tried giving me parenting advice (because you know, being a parent to an animal is the exact same as having a human child) ..... I just had a laugh with DH afterwards.

    Questions: This is soo random and such a long shot... but has anyone here dealt with the skin condition Tinea Versicolor? I went to the doc and tried to cure it before I ever got pregnant, but the meds didn't work and now im assuming I can't get on the meds again while preg. I mainly want it to go away because we have lots of vacations coming up and its just in a gross spot.

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Australia. Going back as soon as humanly possible. Would move back in a heartbeat if DH job allowed it again. Would love to raise a baby over there by the ocean.
  • @ktmaesim As a dog and cat mom I would never have tried to equate that to a human. I can leave my animals home alone for 8hrs (or the cat like 2 days) and no one calls CPS. 

    @mrszoobear does your practice give you a list of meds you can take that are safe? I hope you can sort something out!

    @ashorkey have you told your hubs you would rather do dinner? It is your bday after all, I vote skip the neighborhood and do what you want! 

    @janiep81 I also am looking forward to toddler age. I prefer walking and talking, newborns intimidate me mostly because they can’t speak!

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/19/22  14w5d


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: We're Blue!

    Upcoming Appointments: July 8th for a follow up ultrasound and appointment with my Dr. Will determine if my ovarian cyst is growing or not and if I need to have surgery to remove it.

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): I am HUNGRY - all the time. Such a funny flip from the first trimester when I didn't even want to look at food. I've just barely started gaining weight and have gained back 1.5 pounds of the 6 I lost, which is a positive turnaround. I've also been getting headaches - just like low level aches that last nearly all day and don't really respond to Tylenol. That's been a bummer, but it isn't every day.

    Rants/Raves: Its been really fun now that everyone knows I'm pregnant. Lots of congratulations. My mother in law bought us some adorable baby clothes. Its just pretty happy times. 

    Questions: Does anyone have any opinions on larger more chain type daycares vs. small/independent ones vs. in-home daycares? We're exploring options now and its hard to tell what's right for us. (Nanny/nanny-share isn't an option for us as my husband works out of our house and our dog is NOT nice to people that don't live there).

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? St. John in the US Virgin Islands - its for sure my happy place. 

  • @janiep81 - thank you! I like it when I'm not alone. I appreciate you letting me know about your struggles. I'm sorry it isnt a fun experience for you either. We are not super into babies either lol. I know it will be different when it's our own, but i cant wait for her to get to that cute kid age. 

    @anniemarie887 - Yes, they do have a list of things I can take but none of those help. I just have to wait and see what the doc says next week.
  • ninrmsninrms member
    EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/24, 14w1d!!!!

    FTM/STM/TTM+: FTM :smile:

    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: We find out in August!

    Upcoming Appointments: July 8th, then first appt with OB on Aug 12th

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Feeling a lot better! No more nausea, my nose has kicked it into high gear, maybe a bit more energy.

    Raves: Two of them! First, I'm so happy to be in my second trimester!! Second, I made a BIG mistake yesterday, and a very sweet old man (stranger) completely saved my ass. I am so, so grateful for his kindness. 

    Rant: Oh my god, the drama of my family is killing me. Specifically my mom. She is laying on the guilt about my decisions of who to announce to, when. I guess it's complicated without going into a lot of detail, but essentially she (and most others in my family) are big "score keepers," so apparently it REALLY matters who finds out about our pregnancy, and in what order.


    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Probably Colorado. I reaaaally miss living there, and I'd go back for every vacation if I could! I also *love* France (though I lived there in college; haven't been back since), and I'd love to visit Greece again.
  • @ninrms the other people “announcing” thing boggles my mind. Like you’re the pregnant one, you get to decide who/what/when/where. My aunt (who we told a few weeks ago) was just asking my mom when we would be “posting an announcement” on social media - and no digs at anyone who has/will - we just aren’t, I have no idea why, I just am enjoying telling people as I want to. Maybe I’ll change my mind down the road... but that’s for me and my partner to decide. 
  • @ninrms @anniemarie887
     it's safe to say I know exactly how you feel with the family drama. My god, I've never screamed so much at my family the way I did when I found out they had been telling everyone before I was able to announce myself. And I don't regret it. (my mom even made comment when I visited home this past weekend like "Oh we hardly have any drama, and if we do, it's always revolving around you!") I have an aunt who is one of those "score-keepers" too so I made sure we told her before the social media world found out just to save even MORE drama from happening.... smh. 
  • @ktmaesim I hear ya! When we told my aunt, my cousin and his wife we specifically said please no social media congrats, we’re just not there right now. Like lady what did you think changed? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • ninrmsninrms member
    @anniemarie887 @ktmaesim Oh my gosh, I'm glad I'm not alone in this!! (Though I'm sorry you're dealing with it, too!) I'd be pretty upset if someone shared our news without our permission, so I think your anger is justified! We're telling my husband's family this week, and I'm terrified one of them (or someone they tell) is going to post on FB and someone on my side will find out that way. (I've thought about deactivating our FB accounts until we've told everyone in person!)

    Between four sets of families (both our parents are divorced), and everyone living several states away from each other, it just feels impossible to get the timing right. My mom has a BIG complex about her brother and his kids (she feels like her mom, my grandma, favors them, which is sometimes true). When she found out I wanted to tell everyone (as in, my sisters, my uncles, my cousins) all at the same time, she nearly flipped, and insisted my sisters' feelings would all be very hurt that I didn't tell them BEFORE telling everyone else.
  • @ninrms oof I totally get where you are coming from. As awkward as it is - I think you just have to clearly say “we don’t want anything on social media, thanks”
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