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Group 2 check in (12/9-12/16) w/o 6/24

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EDD/Weeks + Days: 


Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: 

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 



GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination?


Re: Group 2 check in (12/9-12/16) w/o 6/24

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 15w1d

    FTM/STM/TTM+: ttm

    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Blur

    Upcoming Appointments: July 15

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Pretty normal, headaches have started, but I am trying to eat a little better and tylenol when necessary

    Rants/Raves: I love summer. I will be so glad when I have a pool and we can all spend time by it. Someone needs to come bye my house


    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? We live about 6 hours from the beach, so that is our favorite yearly vacation. We do love a good trip to Disney, but that is less of a vacation and more of a fun trip that I need a vacation from when I get back home.

  • 15+1, ftm green dr appt on Thursday. 
    I feel ok.  I'm more achy these days and more tired.  2nd trimester is much harder than the first.  
    Rants/raves: rants-- food is starting to taste really off to me. And our summer has been mostly awful weather.  Raves: next week is the 4th so it'll be a nice light week with a 4 day weekend. 

    Fave vacation place: Jordan,  no contest.  I cannot wait to return.  I hope my kid loves it too!!
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  • KTZ17KTZ17 member
    EDD/Weeks + Days: Dec 16th, 15 weeks


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Team green

    Upcoming Appointments: Today I have an appointment to make sure I don’t have a uti because I felt like I had to pee all the time all weekend.  But now it’s kind of subsided so might be going for nothing.  Friday I have my early 16 week visit and I’m getting early gestational diabetes testing.

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): No cravings yet.  Still getting lightheaded at times and I’m having a lot of abdominal discomfort/ round ligament pain.  Also excessively worried about everything.

    Rants/Raves: I just really want to reach a point when I am not worried all the time.

    Questions: Home Doppler pro or against?

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination?  There’s this little hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico that we’ve been to three times and I hope we can go back someday.  Everyone knows your name and it’s just such a relaxed atmosphere.  The staff is so funny and friendly and the food is also amazing.  But they have a little zoo for rescued animals on premises so mosquitos are a concern.

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  • @KTZ17 I feel like I'll never be able to not worry the rest of my life now.  I'm really working on managing that. 

    No home doppler for me, it would stress me out. I just have to trust that all is well. 

    That hotel with the rescued animals sounds adorable!!! I've only been to Mexico once,  that was CDMX though. 
  • @bookworm982 I am much more achy as well. AND... RLP I didnt even know what this was in my previous pregnancies. It can go away because that is not fun.

    @KTZ17 Last night I had to go google why someone would be against a doppler. I have used it with both of my previous pregnancies and do with this one. I guess the biggest concern is misconception of Heart rate? Anyways, I love my doppler, I dont use it to count the HR because I know it is incorrect. you have to keep it consistent for 15-30seconds to get the HR accurate and this little baby moves all over. I have an anterior placenta, so it just gives me a little piece of mind.

  • KTZ17KTZ17 member
    @klmcguire I borrowed my SIL’s Doppler when I was pregnant with my daughter and was able to always find the heartbeat easily, but this time I borrowed one from a friend and it’s a different model and I am having trouble finding it which makes me more anxious.  I still don’t have much of a bump and I’m not feeling movement yet so my PGAL brain is full of anxiety.

    @bookworm492 they also have monkeys that come by to visit and the staff feeds them and invites guests to help.  My daughter loved the little zoo when we took her when she was 3.

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  • @KTZ17 YS. I feel you there. I felt both of my other boys very early on. So having an anterior placenta and feeling absolutely nothing has been a complete mind game for me. 

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/12, 15w 4d
    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Blue
    Upcoming Appointments: July 11th
    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): my sciatica pain is awful. I can’t sleep and it hurts to walk. I’ve been doing stretches but I am calling the chiropractor this week. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
    Rants/Raves: nope
    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Disney! Which as stated above isn’t a vacation lol but it’s still my favorite place to go. 

    As for the Doppler: I’m back and forth every day on ordering one but I’m trying to let go and have faith everything’s ok. After my first pregnancy I said to myself idk why I was so worried all the time and yet I’m right back there with this pregnancy. 
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  12/16; 15w 0d


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Finding out

    Upcoming Appointments: tomorrow, I am sure we're will discuss my gestational diabetes and hear the heartbeat.

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Still not fabulous but no surprise as I have had all pregnancy long sickness with my first 2 so why would third be any different.

    Rants/Raves: nothing other than above

    Questions: none at this time

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? We went to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin for our honeymoon and would love to go every year but I guess I will have to settle for every 10 ok maybe 15 years lol
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  • EDD/Weeks + Days: December 14, 15 weeks, 3 days


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Team blue!!!

    Upcoming Appointments: Thursday! Looking forward to seeing/hearing baby boy again!

    How are you feeling (Cravings/Symptoms): Decent, though easily winded. We did a 6-mile hike on Sunday, and it was a trail we've done several times without issue, but I felt like I was running a freaking marathon. Was winded and swelling by the end. We've determined hikes need to be 4 miles or less, and on flatter terrain for the duration of this pregnancy.

    Rants/Raves: Pissed about the breastfeeding situation at work. See this week's working moms thread for's a lot to put down here. My boss is at least supportive and has said she will help however she needs to, but HR is obnoxious and oblivious, which is surprising, considering it's run by 4 women, 2 of whom are moms, including the director.

    Questions: Has anyone ever been able to enact change in terms of company policy and how they treat moms? If so, details would be welcomed. Because my company can stand for some change.

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Oh, goodness, that's tough. I've been lucky in being able to travel often since I was a kid. I love Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii...also Poland was very sentimental, it was a trip to see where my grandfather came from. Also love the UK, lived in London for a summer semester in college.
  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/9, 16 weeks 1 day


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Green

    Upcoming Appointments: Had an OB check in yesterday...was expecting a lecture re:the 8 pounds I’ve gained but no one seemed to care. 😂

    Next big appt will be the 20 week anatomy scan...this one has me worried because my brother and SIL got sad news at this stage during SIL’s 2nd pregnancy. Fingers crossed.

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): HUNGRY!!! Mostly for junk...gummy bears are my new obsession.

    Rants/Raves: I think it’s time to give in and buy maternity jeans...

    Questions: reading everyone else’s posts...I had no idea you could buy a home Doppler!!! Incredibly tempted now. We just got to hear the heartbeat for the first time yesterday (previously we’d seen it on the US but that isn’t the same) and now i want to hear it all the time...

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Baja, no contest. Fish tacos, ocean, baby sea turtles...
  • @rjgmcmanus I am honesty still so fired up about your situation. I get wanting to make change, but I am thinking along the same lines of your mom. Keep your head down and they wont remember. If they ever ask after baby, tell them you took up smoking ;) 

  • @klmcguire You sound like my husband. He said the exact same thing last night, lol! He even went as far as to tell me to buy a pack of cigarettes to just carry around just in case.
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  16 weeks- December 10th


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Team Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: I have an appt on July 15th then my anatomy scan on the 19th

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): More RLP/soreness on my sides and groin area. Looking forward to going home tomorrow from vacation and sleeping in my own bed. 

    Rants/Raves: MY DD has been so bad this vacation- not listening, acting up in the car and in restaurants. I'm sure it's a combo of being around new people, being in a different environment and change in routine but I'm over it!!! Motherhood is basically you want to hug and kiss your child and at the same time want to wring their little necks!! lol I hate looking like a shitty parent in front of my inlaws. On the flip side she has been doing really good with potty training this trip! 

    Questions: Not at the moment 

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? Mexico if I want to relax and hang by the beach/pool- Europe if I want to go sight seeing. 
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • cnd29cnd29 member
    EDD/Weeks + Days: 16 wks today


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: Friday

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): appetite is starting to come back but it’s still not great. Organs are shifting and heartburn is starting to be more frequent but Zantac helps. Also still have trouble brushing my teeth without gagging. 

    Rants/Raves: see above about heartburn and brushing teeth...

    Questions:  could use suggestions on maternity bras and work pants that won’t break the bank. My regular stuff still fits but is getting uncomfortable 

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination? I would have said Punta Cana. We got married there 7 years ago yesterday. So I guess I’ll say Ireland. It was a beautiful place to visit. 
  • @cnd29 I got my bras from Destination Maternity. They were having a buy 3, get 1 free sale at the time, so I jumped on that. Looks like they might be having that same sale again:
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  15w + 6d


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green:  Team Green!

    Upcoming Appointments:  Pre-Natal on July 5th, Anatomy Scan on July 23rd

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Feeling a million times better than 1st tri. Feel like myself, which is nice. Been able to keep up with my workouts and I don't feel nauseous anymore. I've been a little tired in the evenings but that could also be because we've been spending a lot of time at the pool. I also noticed my weight gain has really slowed down this month, which is a nice change!

    Rants/Raves: None at the moment.

    Questions: None

    GTKY: What is your favorite vacation destination?
    Family vacation..... Kauai
    Romantic getaway.... Either Santorini or Turks & Caicos

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