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WTF Wednesday 6/19

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  • So, I had some...leakage...a few days ago. Just sudden cramping in the boobs, and when I peeked down there, they were damp. I'd read this could happen...I just didn't think it would happen to me.

    Seriously. WTF.
  • @rjgmcmanus agh! That’s nuts, I’ve heard of that at like 25 weeks - not this early. 

    My WTF was attempting to let my dogs out and exit the house this morning when I suddenly nearly puked and got hot and clammy like the GD flu. Wtf baby. We’re in week 14, don’t do this to me! I’ve been late to the office every day this week - thank good it’s my office. 
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  • @rjgmcmanus I am on my third pregnancy and been super sick this week with allergies and a cold and every sneezing fit I can't hold my bladder. It is very annoying, if being sick and pregnant wasn't enough of a miserable time. 
  • @hnbrady Right? I'm not even sick but I've been dry-retching sometimes and I swear it will literally be 15 seconds after I've gone pee, and still somehow there's more that leaks?! WTF body!
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  • My WtF is why do I need to poop at 10 pm when’s aim trying to go to sleeeep! Sleep is so precious and now my body says nope....sit on the toilet. WTF?
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  • Why does it keep raining and raining so much??? WTF?! I just want to enjoy summer and go to the pool!
  • @k_mama91 your wtf made me laugh! 
  • @sunshineandlemons He’s not the brightest 🙄
  • A good friend of ours is getting married next Friday, and another mutual friend was supposed to DJ the wedding/provide all the audio equipment. "DJ" has had ongoing mental health issues the past few months, and was even hospitalized about 2 months ago, and was given many opportunities to back out of his commitment, but kept saying it was fine. Long story short, after a lot of issues and tension, he backed out TODAY. Literally 8 days before the wedding. 

    Like, I get that mental health is not necessarily predictable or controllable, but this is a pretty big freaking deal. I also have a smaller WTF (a "wtf" if you will), towards the groom for not just deciding weeks/months ago that it was too much of a risk/too stressful a situation and just hiring someone else to do it. 
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  • @CapricaAndrea That's aggravating. Weddings seriously bring out the worst in people...I loved our wedding, but at the same time, if I had to do it again, we'd elope. Too much drama leading up to it, too much stress, and so many people trying to make it about them instead of the couple.
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    @bookworm492 Best plan of action, and something I wish we'd done. My husband and I agree--our wedding day was both the  best and worst day of our lives. The first half was the worst--SO much unnecessary drama from family members. The second half, after the ceremony, was the best. We were married, no one could do a damn thing about it anymore, and I will admit, our reception was pretty baller.

    He had called it too. After he proposed, he suggested a destination wedding with just a couple people and we just do what we want. I wanted the traditional wedding, so that's what we did. About a month out, I said, "I'm done. Can we just elope?" He replied, "I TOLD YOU. And no. It's too late now. Everything is paid for."

    If I could go back in time, I would go back to 2016 me, newly engaged, and tell her to forget the planning, just book a trip to Hawaii with him, get married, and forget about everyone else.
  • I’m with @rjgmcmanus on smaller weddings and destination being amazing. My bestie from college did Hawaii last year with about 50 people and it was glorious. My almost 32 year old self could smack my 25 year old self for all the over the top stuff we did. It was a great day... but just one day. 

    @CapricaAndrea does the venue have a soundsystem? It’s amazing what can be done now with laptop and iTunes/Spotify. Having to bring in sound equipment is a different story. 
  • Today's WTF: this week, I'd finally worked up the courage to go back to body pump for the first time since finding out I was pregnant. I've been stoked about it all week. Proud of myself for this decision, etc. Was ready to go to the gym and everything and get it DONE. 

    Our area is currently under a severe thunderstorm watch for the next 5 hours, complete with penny-sized hail.

    No bodypump tonight.

    WTF, weather?
  • @rjgmcmanus I'm so sorry!!

    My wtf is hemorrhoids.  Please tell me I'm not the only person with this problem.  Walking is so uncomfortable. 
  • My wtf is my stomach! I go from being so constipated to taking 2 pills of magnesium instead of 1 and then having horrible diarrhea today.. and I feel you @bookworm492 I'm having the same issue from my recent 3 trips in a row to the bathroom. Ughhh
  • @bookworm492 It's fine...I'm just doing yet another prenatal yoga video on YouTube here at home. 😝 But, there is one Saturday too, so the plan is to hit that.

    Sorry about your hemorrhoids. I don't have that problem right now, but been there, understand that pain. Used to get them occasionally when I did long-distance running. No fun. Hope they subside for you soon!
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    Congratulations @bookworm492 !!  I hope it’s perfect!

    We did the courthouse in February and it was a surprisingly really nice ceremony. 

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  • @anniemarie887 nope, no sound system. That was the first question I asked too. The groom apparently has a few leads on available DJ's so I think they will be able to find a replacement in time. 

    Re: wedding chat - we thankfully didn't have much drama, just a little bit with my husband's dad wanting to invite a couple people that we didn't want. But we were paying for it so we had final say and that was that. We only had about 70 people, which was the perfect amount, and the venue was a gorgeous greenhouse/patio at a conservation park so it barely needed any decoration, and other than the food we pretty much did it all DIY. We had a friend of ours who's a circus performer do a fire performance out on the patio and had a campfire with a s'mores station and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. 

    Actually, we were featured on the Offbeat bride website, and it's the top result if you search for "Battlestar Galactica wedding" :D
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  • @CapricaAndrea eeek! Fingers crossed, I’m sure it will all come together!!
  • All in all I'm feeling like the 2nd trimester is worse than the first.  I'm constantly uncomfortable from swelling,  ligament pain,  fatigue.  I thought this was supposed to be the best part :(
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    @bookworm492 I had hemorrhoids with my last pregnancy and my midwife had me take stool softener twice a day, which helped.  It’s so unpleasant!  I also ate a lot of prunes until I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and then I was like what will I do now?!?!

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