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Which is your favorite?

Husband or I are not fans of “Xander” spelling. 

Reese was my absolute favorite for a girls middle name, but this will be our last baby... so was contemplating using “Rhys” instead. 

Big brothers name: Hudson Jett

Which is your favorite? 21 votes

Zander Ace Young
19% 4 votes
Zander Rhys Young
80% 17 votes

Re: Which is your favorite?

  • Neither. I'd use Reece as a first name before Zander (either spelling).
  • mb0112mb0112
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    Sorry I dislike both. Reese was traditionally male so you could use that as a first name or use the same spelling as his middle. I’d rather Alexander nn Xander/Zander because I am more traditional.
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  • Seriously, please go back to the drawing board.  I agree with PP on Alexander with the NN Xander. 
  • Oh boy. Based on your recent posts, you seem to be into the super trendy names. Which is fine, but you won’t get much positive feedback here. 

    I second Alexander (nn Xander) as a solid, real name with more trendy nn potential. Your other name suggestions here and in other posts make me cringe. But, I’m a traditional name kinda gal.
  • leighryleighry
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    Zander Rhys sounds better to me.

    If you chose the Alexander nn Zander route Alexander Rhys is nice too. So is Rhys Alexander.
  • mercury94mercury94
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    I would go with Rhys as a first name. If you really like Zander, I would choose the Alexander nn Zander route as well. But, also big on traditional names. 


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  • bbiutmcphbbiutmcph
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    Team Rhys first bame

  • Another vote for Reese/Rhys as the first name. Zander is... not my favorite.
  • Another vote for Rhys Alexander. 
  • Neither 

  • FakeFinnFakeFinn
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    Rhys Alexander for the win!
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  • Yeah, why not use the name Alexander and just refer to him as Zander, kind of the way a man born in the 1970s could be Robert but called Bobby as a child and Bob or Rob as an adult.  That way as he grows older he has a ton of options.  Xander/Zander is really trendy and nick-namey, and he might wind up in a profession where that could make a difference.  
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