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Group 1 Check In (12/1-12/8) w/o 6/17

EDD/Weeks + Days: 


Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: 

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): 



GTKY: What music do you listen to?

Re: Group 1 Check In (12/1-12/8) w/o 6/17

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/5 15w4d

    FTM/STM/TTM+: STM, 8 yo ds

    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Finding Out, not soon enough!

    Upcoming Appointments: Gender Scan 6/28 😬

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): My boobs don’t seem as sore but my nipples are really sensitive now. I’ve also had discomfort and soreness in my belly, maybe from the stretching? 

    Rants/Raves: It was humid at 90 yesterday and being outside for 30 minutes in the shade gave me a headache and I wanted to puke. It’s going to be a long summer.

    Questions: This is dumb but how do you guys feel about pedicures? I was told they’re fine but The Bump has an article saying to avoid due to the massage being labor inducing. If you can’t get the foot rub what’s the point?!

    GTKY: What music do you listen to? Mainly country, new and old, but I also love GNR, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and others from that era.

  • @k_mama91 I'm fine with them, just let your tech know that you are pregnant and they know the spots to avoid... you can still have the message, there is just a pressure point in the ankle that can supposedly put you into labor. I got a pedi with my first at 39 weeks and one of the girls was lecturing the one doing my pedi to avoid my ankles because of it. I was sitting there telling her not to listen to her and I would be perfectly fine if she did.  :D

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  • @k_mama91 I say get the foot massage girl, you deserve it!  My doctor said mani/pedis are fine and didnt give any disclaimers about the foot massage, so I am not going to avoid them.
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  12/5; 15w4d


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments:  6/26

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms):  Pretty good for the most part, but I still get nauseated if I wait too long between meals, and I've been struggling to get comfortable in bed lately, which I know will only get more difficult as time goes on.

    Rants/Raves: My mom came to visit this past weekend (she lives out of state) and we did a little baby shopping.  It was the first time I've shopped for the baby, and it made things feel a bit more real, fun, and exciting.

    Questions: anyone have thoughts about home-based vs center-based daycares?  Is it best to pick something close to work or close to home?  (My work is a 20-30 minute drive from my apartment so I'm just trying to decide which makes more sense.)

    GTKY: What music do you listen to?  Some of my favorites are the Lumineers, Jenny Lewis, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Death Cab, Band of Horses, and Vampire Weekend

  • I’ve missed you guys!  I must be paying too much attention to Bump, I miss chatting when our little string ends ❤️😐  

    EDD/Weeks + Days: 16W1D, 12/1

    FTM/STM/TTM+: STM, 8 year old daughter 

    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Pink 💗

    Upcoming Appointments: Wednesday morning 6/19- it’s feels like it’s been so long since my last visit.  I need a heartbeat to listen to!  Last visit was week 10, so I really want to make sure everything is still going well.  Did this happen to anybody else?

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): @k_mama91 The heat has been a killer for me, too.  By the end of the afternoon, especially days at work on my feet, I feel semi-nauseated and SUPER tired, wanting to crawl off and sleep in a corner.  Then, like @blueskychicago12 nighttime sleep has been super restless and uncomfortable.  I think I keep waking myself up thinking about trying to lay on my side, then my shoulders are cramping, and then laying on my back doesn’t feel good either...Food has to happen in smaller portions otherwise it’s still a pretty sickening experience 😛

    Rants/Raves: I’m still not pregnant looking enough for people I work with to autopilot jump in for physical labor help, which honestly they should help me anyway just because I’m the only female in my workplace for the most part.  Lifting, hoisting, and twisting are not good right now.  

    Questions:  Some of you have seen me talk about this on the other question board, but I’m going to ask about Cholestasis at this upcoming doc appointment.  I’ve been having itchy legs, primarily at night, for a while now.  It’s annoying when I’m already not sleeping great and then my legs are driving me nuts on top of that!   

    GTKY: What music do you listen to?  I’m a big classic rock fan and modern rock fan.  Honestly, I can find music to love in almost any genre- I’ve been a pianist and singer since I was in 3rd grade.  Favorites- Beatles, Foo Fighters, Brad Paisley, Billy Joel, Werner, Paul Simon, Alan Jackson, and on and on and on...❤️🎶 

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 16w1d  Due 12/1


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Team Pink!

    Upcoming Appointments: this Friday! Can’t wait to hear that HB!

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): I’m alright. I’ve had more headaches this pregnancy than the last. I also feel like the congestion at night has happened earlier.

    Rants/Raves: it’s getting uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach already. ☹️


    GTKY: What music do you listen to? They say you listen to what you listened to in high school/college. So for me, that’s hard rock and some hip/hop and r&b. I love old Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory is still my all time favorite CD- scary to think it’s almost 20 years old!!), Korn, Slipknot, old breaking Benjamin, Saliva, etc. 

  • @cpk3535 I really like our little community, too!  Most of my friends are done having babies, and it's so nice to share the experience with others who are going through it at the same time!
  • @blueskychicago12 - we went with a center close to home and are pretty happy with it. It made sense for us, though. DH generally works 7-3ish and can commit to picking up by 6 when they close. My hours are all over the place and sometimes I need to run errands on days off during the week, so it's nice that they're always there during their normal hours. Close to home is nice for when I use them on a day off, and because DH picks up when I work late. 

    @cpk3535 - hope you're able to get some answers about the itching! That sounds miserable. 

    EDD/Weeks + Days: 12-4 /15+6


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Finding out 7-10! Looking forward to it.

    Upcoming Appointments: anatomy scan 7-10. It seems insane to be at this point already. Last appointment went fairly well - took a minute to find the heartbeat but then, there it was! 

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): I'm mostly doing a lot better as long as I eat regularly. I've started pushing my doses of meds out a bit and trying to get down to twice daily instead of 3 times.  Some days it works and some days it doesn't. 

    Rants/Raves: drama regarding my sister's wedding is continuing. I'm honestly not sure what my status currently is regarding the wedding party. I wasn't going to do it, then my mom talked me into giving her a chance and not doing anything extra, then there was bridesmaid dress drama that ended in her basically kicking me out, now my mom is trying to smooth things over again. 

    Questions: anybody have a minivan they love and why? We'll have to bite the bullet soon because 2 car seats won't fit in DH's truck. 

    GTKY: What music do you listen to? I like rock, symphonic metal, and Celtic traditional music as well as fusions of the above (Nightwish has some great stuff with bagpipes) but I'll listen to most things. 

  • @blueskychicago12 I didn’t have to use daycare with ds, grandma watched him, but if I was going to choose I would pick a location close to work. Even if it’s a car ride you’ll have more time together in the mornings and afternoons. A good friend uses home based and there is only one other child attending and both she and her daughter seem to love it. I guess she’s more of a private sitter than full blown day care, she’s used her for over a year now and no issues.

    @cpk3535 I miss playing! I played all thru school and quit when I was about 18. I’d love to get back into it!

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 15w3d


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments: 7/2

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Great! I’ve been getting bad headaches, but I haven’t had any since Friday thankfully  

    Rants/Raves: I think I felt my baby kick for the first time 😭 Last night when I was lying in bed, DH put his ear on my belly where she is because he likes to see if he can hear anything (he never can haha). But all of the sudden I felt a big flick from the inside of my belly right where his head was, and he felt and heard it too! I can hardly believe it, but I’ve never felt anything like that before. We also had a wonderful sonogram this morning. My heart is just bursting 🥰


    GTKY: What music do you listen to? Mostly indie stuff like Arcade Fire. Also a big fan of classic rock!

  • EDD/Weeks + Days: 12/3, 16w today!


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: We need to decide soon, probably finding out- anatomy scan 7/5

    Upcoming Appointments: 16w appt Friday

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms): Good except still very tired all the time

    Rants/Raves: summer work schedule started last week! Hello 4 day weekends!

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What music do you listen to? Mostly country, but also Baby einstein/Disney with DS :)

    @blueskychicago12 we went with a daycare center close to DH's work. Our logic was since I work 3 longer days, DH has to do pick up. Also they let us do part time care and can have summer off which was big. I like the center in that DS is with quite a few kids his age, they have good good routines and activities, and they provide food. I'm sure there are positives to both though!

    @pennyandzooey felt our first kick this past week too, it's such a great feeling ❤

  • Thanks for the daycare advice, ladies!  We have about 5 tours lined up this week, so hopefully something will click.

    @cpk3535 best wishes for your appointment tomorrow!  Let us know how it goes.
  • Yes! @cpk3535 keep us posted! Hopefully, you’ll get more regular appointments from here on out!
  • cpk3535cpk3535 member
    edited June 2019
    Thank you, everybody!  Yeah, I just looked at the images from my last appointment- it was from 5/7- that seems like a LONG time ago!  I bet tomorrow’s appointment is short, but at least we’d like to hear a heartbeat 💗 

    @sjb2215 and @pennyandzooey I’ve felt some suspicious things happening in there, but still waiting for a super distinct kick.  I’m really looking forward to it- it kind of makes the whole thing more intimate and real!

    Also, I taught yoga tonight- it’s starting to require some changes and adjustments!  I’m actually adding classes to my schedule during this time.  We’ll see how that goes!  😛😬
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  12/8 15 weeks 3 days


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green:  We're still thinking we'll find out in July. 

    Upcoming Appointments: Next one is 18 week appointment on 7/9 then anatomy ultrasound the week of the 22nd 

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms):  My body has been so sore and achy and it's been all over too.   Over the weekend it was my legs, then the past two days my abdomen and back. I'm also still having strong headaches that last pretty much all day that Tylenol provides no relief. 

    Rants/Raves:  I've been feeling random abdominal flutters, so I think I'm starting to feel baby's movements :) 

    Questions: No questions

    GTKY: What music do you listen to?   I end up listening to iHeart radio the majority of the day at work, but when in the car with my kids it is usually a movie soundtrack or one of their books on cd. 

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  • blueskychicago12 in regards to the closer to work or closer to home daycare options I would weigh it on your commute and what time your daycare would close.  My commute can be quite heavy on the earlier part of my drive so I prefer to have daycare closer to work because otherwise if daycare was near home I could be cutting the pick up deadline pretty close (to avoid additional fees) if I was trying to make it to a facility closer to home.
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  • Had a good appointment today.  I’m going to get bloodwork for second trimester checkin stuff tomorrow and also get checked for the cholestasis (itchy skin) possibility, more just precautionary on that one.  

    I had to get a quick ultrasound after is was a little tough to find baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler.  Everything looks fine- my doc just said the baby is just still sitting quite low.  What can I say, I have a comfy pelvic region 😊.  Anybody else had that assessment?  She said by the next appointment, baby should be higher up.  She also said my weight gain looks good, right between their average gain lines, about 6 lbs since 10 week appointment.

    Craving my favorite Indian food tonight- lots of cooked veggie dishes with spices.  Soooo comforting and yummy 😋. I would love to hear how other appointments go for 16-ish weeks, to compare notes!
  • @cpk3535 Glad it went well!  I have my appointment Friday?

    I love Indian food but my husband hates it so it’s a real treat when I get it!
  • @cpk3535 Glad you had a good appointment! Mine is next Friday. I think my babe is also low lying, all of the appointments we ever had the heartbeat has been found in the bottom right near my hip. FX that changes before we get any bigger!
  • EDD/Weeks + Days:  12/4 16 weeks 2 days


    Team Finding Out/Blue/Pink/Green: not finding out!

    Upcoming Appointments: Next one is on 6/24 then anatomy ultrasound end of July!

    How are you feeling? (Cravings/Symptoms):  so bloated and gassy at night. In the morning I’m not really showing then in the evening it’s like I’m 6 months along at least. 

    Rants/Raves:  hormonal cystic acne is stillllllllll out of control. But feeling generally great otherwise I’m grateful for that

    Questions: any else starting to be forgetful??? My pregnancy brain is so bad lol

    GTKY: What music do you listen to? Everything from country to rock to pop to rap to folk.  My husband and I are big Pearl Jam fans.

  • @lamarshall same here on morning versus night- I can still squeeze into some normal (albeit forgiving) pants in the morning, but by nighttime, no way!  Also, pregnancy brain and forgetfulness has been hitting me hard lately, too.  We were on our way to a blood draw thing for my second trimester screening yesterday, and we started driving off to the next stop and almost forgot!  Is pregnancy brain contagious?  😆 
  • @cpk3535 last night at bedtime my legs got really itchy!  Have you found any remedies?
  • @blueskychicago12 Honestly, no, I haven’t!  I tried lotion, coconut oil, nothing really helped much.  I have found that avoiding gluten for me seems to help a tiny bit, although I don’t have celiac.  Maybe it has something to do with being too dried out, like breads absorbing too much?  I got blood tested yesterday, and as far as I can tell, nothing came back as positive for liver issues.  Fortunately, my itchy legs have toned down for a few days, but I expect it will return in waves😛.  It’s been on and off for about a month!
  • @cpk3535 good to hear that all is well with tour liver.  That must be a relief!  Since my abdomen has been itchy due to stretching skin, the thought crossed my mind that maybe my legs are expanding, too.  I hope not!  😆
  • @blueskychicago12 that’s my worry, too!  My legs are my least favorite body part, too, so itchy legs just adds to my love of them!  
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