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Strange or unique baby names?

Does anyone have a baby name that's strange or unique? The name we picked for a girl is Lillith and for a boy we picked Brennan

Re: Strange or unique baby names?

  • We’re having a girl, so we’re debating Elliot so we can nickname her Ellie 😊
  • KTZ17KTZ17 member
    @cpk3535 like Elliot from Scrubs!  😁

    @buggiemarie99 we are considering an unusual name if our baby is a boy.  The name is Nahuel (pronounced nah-well).  My husband is from Argentina and the name is an indigenous name from the Mapuche people of Argentina and Chile.  I just don’t know if people would butcher it.  FWIW I don’t think Lillith or Brennan are strange. They’re both easy to spell and pronounce.  I would say they’re more uncommon than strange.

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  • holly321holly321 member
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    We are leaning towards Felix, but we are not 100% set on it.

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  • @KTZ17 Yes! We are Scrubs fans ❤️ I really like Nahuel, but yes, I’m almost positive some people will add the “h” sound on their first attempt at pronunciation. But it’s a beautiful name and really unique, so I would say go for it anyway. Maybe just tell teachers how to say it if you’re worried 👍😊. My name’s not unusual or hard to read and people still get it wrong constantly! @holly321 I think Felix is really cool! Not too common either.
  • @bookworm492 if you google my name I am also the only one in the world. I gave DS a slightly unique name for our area but it fits him so well. 
  • @buggiemarie99 we already have a name thread titled “the name thread”...we try to refrain from starting new ones to help not clutter our boards and to keep things organized! :-)
  • Im thinking the name Bellamy for our baby boy 
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