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  • I don’t like watermelon.

    But, give me all the watermelon jolly ranchers! 😋
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  • Finally people commented!

    @rjgmcmanus I don’t think Beyoncé is that amazing from a musical range, but she’s a damn good entertainer. I always like to separate band vs vocalist vs entertainer. 

    I think pickles are disgusting, please leave poor cucumbers alone. 
  • Omg watermelon, and ANY melon for that matter. I hate when I order a fruit salad or side at a restaurant and it’s all melon and like 2 blueberries!!! . And I agree, Beyoncé is overrated, it’s annoying to see people like worshipping her lol.

    I hate seafood. Idk how anyone can eat something that smells so rotten and fishy, plus it usually still has SCALES on it! Omg my husband was having salmon last night and I was mid-bite in my dinner and looked over at his salmon and almost threw up. 

  • @ktmaesim OOooooooh, them's fightin' words!

    LOL but not really. I hated seafood for the longest time too. Then I moved to an oceanfront city and had REAL, nice, fresh seafood. And it's wonderful. And now I eat fish all the time. But yeah, if it's not done right, it's gross.

    @anniemarie887 See, I think even her showmanship is just too much--I like her voice, but I just don't get the appeal of the "Queen B" or "Sasha Fierce" or whatever she's going by these days. It's just all too much. But yes, I would agree that she's more an entertainer than a vocalist. And I AGREE on the pickles! They're gross. Except on Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, that's my only exception.

  • @ktmaesim Clearly, wasting mine. I need to get on this. I didn't know that existed (again, I don't usually do fast food, but now pregnant, Chick-Fil-A is a MUST).
  • @ktmaesim @rjgmcmanus I could start a Chick-fil-a fan club and am also silver status. And a mere 843 points from Red (no clue what that means) just send me random free food, please!

    No pickles, ever. 🤮

    as for Beyonce, I’m not a stan... now, Adele... that’s a whole different story. If anyone comes in here saying they don’t like Adele were gonna need to get you checked by a dr. 

  • @anniemarie887  I just used my points to get free food yday! nothing better than free chickfila. also....I love Adele, but she is on the Beyonce bandwagon and it annoys me! LOL
  • @anniemarie887 I do like Adele...my only issue is that the local radio station plays her too much and I get tired of it quickly. Every time they release something new, I love it. But after the 50th time hearing it, I'm over it. Though I guess that's typical of most popular artists nowadays.
  • @rjgmcmanus totally true of regular radio, which is why I avoid it. Satellite radio is better about that... not always, but usually. Besides Adele being pop/top 40 I don’t listen to a lot of regular radio play stuff. 
  • I am on mobile and it is hard to tag  so much.

    I love a good watermelon, but bad watermelon is much more common, and bad watermelon is really nasty.  I can’t stand cantaloupe.  Honeydew is ok on occasion.

    i can’t stand Beyoncé at all.  Not that she isn’t talented or anything, but her whole attitude, or the one that surrounds her from her fans bothers me.  Adele is good, just not really my kind of music.

    I love most seafood. My biggest craving right now is crab cakes. I can’t get enough.

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  • I'm in the same boat!  Good watermelon is amazing, mealy dry watermelon is super gross.  

    Beyonce is a puzzle.  I'm a vocalist also, and her voice has always been somewhat confusing to me, in a bad way.  But, she's popular, so what are we going to do?  I agree with @holly321, the persona of Beyonce is just weird.  I'm honestly not sure if it comes from her or her fans- not my favorite.

    While we're on the seafood kick, I am a seafood lover as well, it just has to be fresh and cooked well.  Right now, I'm so sad and frustrated not to be able to eat sushi or poke, both of which I love.  We just went to Maui in March for my husband's 40th, and we ate poke all the time!  So good!!  

    What else to add?  I don't like Ross stores very much- I'm not a big fan of pawing through what equates to a messy closet.  Go ahead, attack me!  :)
  • @cpk3535 probably about to post an UO to your UO... my OB oks sushi (good, clean, fresh place! No gas station shit) and deli meat once you hit second trimester. 
  • @cpk3535 ugh I am not a fan of Ross either. I don't have time to be sifting through piles and messes of clothes. 

    I don't understand the hype with Keanu Reeves and why he is just about everywhere lately. Neat, he's a nice guy. Can we move on now? 
  • Y’all are trying to kill me with this disdain for watermelon, pickles, and seafood! I need all the melon right now and I’m drooling thinking about eating fresh fish on vacay in a couple of weeks. As for pickles, I buy a jar every week, my mouth is raw from eating them. 

    My UO, I hate the mall. I avoid it like the plague. We don’t even go at Christmas time, I find a Santa elsewhere for DS to visit.
  • @k_mama91 I’m also a pickle addict, like everything pickled!  I also love olives.

    @ashorkey I feel you on Keanu- he’s honestly one of the least natural actors I think I’ve ever seen, especially for somebody so popular.  It’s awkward and uncomfortable to watch him act most of the time, even in his “best” work. 😛
  • Agree with all you ladies, I can’t stand Beyoncé. I also didn’t like lady Gaga at first when she was wearing neat dresses and everything. 

    My UO is I also dislike Meryl Streep. Not sure what it is about her but she just rubs me the wrong way. 
  • I guess it is an UO that I don't have any strong opinions on any pop culture musician or actor! I don't listen to much music.  I prefer audiobooks and sometimes podcasts.  I like podcasts about reading and authors,  as well as podcasts about fitness like calisthenics and weightlifting.  I guess I just don't really follow much pop culture at all.  
  • @cpk3535 olives are delish! I could go for a dirty martini right about now.
  • @k_mama91  yum I'll take one as well, EXTRA dirty and extra vodka. *tongue emoji*
  • @k_mama91 and @ktmaesim yes!! Love green olives. I buy them to just eat them and I LOVE that my daughter loves them too. 
  • Oh, my god, the olive talk is making my mouth water right now!  I’ve been an olive psycho forever.  On our wedding night, my husband and I went with a group to a restaurant in Maui that made bloody mary’s with blue cheese stuffed green olives.  They were FANTASTIC 🤤❤️👌
  • @cpk3535 I love blue cheese stuffed olives! Now I need to buy some 😂
  • Well I guess I do have an unpopular opinion! I hate olives and anything brined! Pickles too. 

    I haven't developed any weird food cravings,  I still like what I've always liked and dislike what I've always disliked.  
  • @bookworm492 Take that back! 
  • @k_mama91 more for the rest of you!  :D
  • @bookworm492 I hate all olives but black pitted olives from the can. All the rest will make me gag just looking at them. 
  • Lol @ale9687 I’m the opposite- green olives all the way. Black olives- yuck!
  • ale9687 said:
    @bookworm492 I hate all olives but black pitted olives from the can. All the rest will make me gag just looking at them. 
    I remember being a kid and my cousins would put those black olives on their fingers and bite them off one at a time,  this gives me the creeps 
  • I think black olives taste like bad breath! Yuck
  • @ktmaesim oh this is nothing, it has the potential to get much worse. I think as long as there are a few of us politely pointing people the right way when they start one-off threads we should be able to keep it in control without a head bitch :D Though you're certainly welcome to claim the position if you want it! 
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  • @CapricaAndrea haha I don’t necessarily want it, but today it just felt right. 
  • @bakerstreetboys don’t give up! WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN 
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