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December 2019 Moms

Well Done Wednesday!

What are you proud of? Happy About? What are you patting yourself on the back for?

Re: Well Done Wednesday!

  • I'm going to go first and say, hitting the gym 4 days a week now that all my exhaustion and nausea is almost gone! Most days I cannot be bothered but my husband is so awesome and talks me into it and I am always so glad I went!

    @ktmaesim Good job, KT!!! Thanks for stealing my thread idea!  :D

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  • @brookert615  hey I like to keep things positive! loved your idea! now go back to work!
  • Cleaned all the bathrooms, kitchen, and living room over the weekend! Finally had the energy to do it, and now the house feels LOVELY!
  • Also, I'm proud that I haven't hurt anyone yet today, just sent a few somewhat snarky e-mails instead.

    I work in marketing for a pretty large medical group here in Virginia. Long story short, some vendors we work with to do our advertising are making me wish that I was able to have a glass of wine today...the incompetency is astounding.

    Anyway, that's my rant, back to putting out fires now...
  • It is not even 6.30 EST and I’m on my sofa in yoga pants watching Handmaid’s Tale. That’s winning for today. 
  • @anniemarie887 I legit am doing the exact same thing! UNDER HIS EYE.
  • This is sad but I cooked the first legit meal that I’ve cooked in weeks. It feels so good to eat a real dinner y’all!
  • I worked on laundry today even though the heat made it miserable 🥵 I’m also proud that I’ve gone through and gotten rid of lots of old storage stuff over the last few weeks.  That’s hard for my family sometimes! 
  • @ktmaesim oooh ep 4. Man oh man. I was worried about this season b/c the reviews were not the greatest last week... but I’m thoroughly enjoying. Although, preg hormones bring on a whole new set of emotions watching. 
  • @anniemarie887 YES. This show is probably one of my favorites. The music, the acting, everything is just so well done. Also, I literally cry through every episode I think bc of these hormones 😂😂😂
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