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What my pregnant self is eating w/o 5/30/19

What's on your plate this week? 

Me: 37 | DH: 35 
BFP #1 5/14/17 (EDD 1/24/18) MMC Confirmed 6/13/17
BFP #2 8/12/17 ended in CP 8/20/17
BFP #3 10/12/17, EDD 6/27/18, hCG drop and no fetal development at 6w, D&C 11/3/17
BFP #4 4/21/18, EDD 1/3/19, mc due to Trisomy 22 after HB stopped at 8w 
Sept 2018 ER - 15R, 10M, 10F, 9 blasts, 5 PGS normal
Transfer of 1 PGS normal embryo leading to BFP #5, baby boy EDD 8/29/19 

Re: What my pregnant self is eating w/o 5/30/19

  • I might be currently laying on the couch eating white chocolate chips for lunch.
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  • hemlheml member
    Is it possible to eat too much cantaloupe??? I have been craving it and eating so much
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  • @heml I’ve been eating lots of fruit too... and the fruits with colored flesh are better for you, so I say go for it! It could be your body’s way of gaining a vitamin you are deficient in. 
  • @heml Me toooooo! All the cantaloupe, all the time.
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  • Rice and beans. I make it with a fried egg on top cuz that’s how the family likes it but I don’t like eggs so just rice and beans mmmm
  • My two pregnant friends and I went to a fancy all you can eat buffet on Sunday. It was insane... literally so good but I overdid it. We ate at 10am Sunday and I didn’t eat again until Monday morning 😂
  • We went to an Italian cafe for dinner, and they had fried Mac and cheese balls. It's a good thing we don't live near here, or I'd be asking DH to bring me there way too often.
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