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June - updates, questions, comments

Hopefully all our April moms are doing well.  If you want to give us an update or have questions/comments, you can post them here.

Re: June - updates, questions, comments

  • Parker is now 5 weeks old and has gained 2 lbs and grown 2 inches.  STM and I'm still not a fan of breastfeeding but I'm going to try to make it 1 year like DD.

    Crazy anticipation for my 6 week drs visit since I think my stitches didn't close correctly.  I also hate that I pee a little when i cough...more kegels.
  • MRDCleMRDCle member
    Harvey and Isaac are three months now! Doubled their birth weight but were still carefully tracking weight at this point. They’re starting to be more interactive which is great since they’re finally about 6 weeks adjusted but sleep is still a big pain. Going back to work in a few weeks so I’m trying to get them on any sort of schedule!  

    Good of luck at your appointment @tmblickley!
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  • 6 week appt was today.  The pain i was feeling was granulated tissue, which the dr dispensed of with some silver nitrate. I'm also going to try the pelvic floor therapy in 2 months.  That should be interesting.

    @MRDCle did the boys adapt to the schedule well?
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