HDBD - 5/22 — The Bump
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HDBD - 5/22

Let’s see ‘em ladies!

Re: HDBD - 5/22

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  • gbud630gbud630
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    @foodislove it was super fun! There was a margarita bar (I tried every single flavor in the nonalcoholic option!), taco bar, churros, and a dj so we could all dance our butts off instead of sitting around all afternoon. The dress is ASOS Maternity but I legit have bought everything second hand off poshmark and then resold it - lifesaverrr!
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  • @bartonolivia I don’t work out like you do but when I walk at night with my dogs I swell pretty bad
  • @mom2b77373 it’s awful. It makes things so much harder. Also realized that that gym is 80 degrees because they refuse to turn on the AC so I’m guessing that plays a part too 
  • @bartonolivia after workouts I’ve been doing ankle stretches and at end of day been lying with my legs up the wall. It’s helped with swelling so far I think! 
  • @bartonolivia 80 degrees! Omg! Make sure u got lots of water
  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    @cindler I love your top! Looking great!!
  • @cindler I have that shirt times two in that color, one in green, and one in black! its to hot in Texas to wear that now but they were like my favorites in the beginning of my pregnancy 
  • cindlercindler
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    @Cbeanz and @mom2b77373 This is actually a non-maternity shirt my sister gave me!  She's a size or two larger, so when she was cleaning out her closet early in my pregnancy, I jumped at the free shirts!  It fits great and is so comfy!
  • nopegoatnopegoat
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    @bartonolivia by the end of the day once I'm done with all my chores I'm super swollen too. I crossed my ankles the other night while sitting on the couch and had huge indentions when one ankle put pressure on the other..

    Pregnancy is so glamorous. 😂

  • @firsttimemommy0719 Your doctor will tell you if there is anything to worry about. As for the rest of the world, people (including babies and pregnant women) come in all shapes and sizes! This thread is a great example of that. Size is way less important than happy & healthy. Unfortunately, we can't control what comes out of other people's mouths... As much as I would like to sometimes!
  • @firsttimemommy0719 - I think mama's height and baby's position have so much to do with what your bump looks like. My best friend is a little taller than I am, and I accused her second of being a 'pancake baby' because her bump did not stick out at all! I think her baby was just all kinds of spread out in there.  :D
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