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Rainbow baby

I just found out that I am pregnant again and I'm scared I misscarriaged for the first time ever 2 months ago and I pay  attention to everything thinking the same thing may happen..plz help am I overacting 

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  • Hi and welcome! We do not do one off posts here as we like to keep the board organized and these clog up the board. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Tw* There are plenty of us here that are pregnant after losses, I’ve had 6. I know it’s a scary time. Please intro on the intro thread and feel free to join us on the PGAL (pregnant after loss) thread. 
  • MollySmMollySm member
    Hi and welcome! I am sorry you are feeling so scared!  I also have had a miscarriage and it can make pregnancy so scary 😢  There are lots of us who have experienced miscarriages here in the group, so hopefully we can help each other get through it.  
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  • dreka36dreka36 member
    Thank you guys
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