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Group 4 Check In (Aug 24-31) - W/O 05/19

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:

Baby is the size of a(n):

What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): 

Upcoming Appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? 

*Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

Re: Group 4 Check In (Aug 24-31) - W/O 05/19

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 26w 

    Baby is the size of a(n): a coconut 

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): Blue 

    Upcoming Appointments: tomorrow to talk about GD and then a regular appt and u/s on June 3. I’ll also get my rhogam shot then. 

    How are you feeling?: Feeling decent but so much pelvic pain. Everything is painful. I can’t wait for physio on Thursday. 

    Rants/Raves: I start work tomorrow. Ah. I haven’t worked a traditional job since July and now I start at 6.5 months pregnant. I have GD. I was over the threshold by 0.01. Sigh. 


    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? 

    It’s going well. I got most of his stuff in Canada and have ordered a bunch of the remaining stuff we need. There are few things that we still need so we are well on the way. I organized his dresser yesterday and all of the stuff inside of it. I felt pure happiness at the organisation haha. It’s good to be getting done so I can focus purely on thesis writing and exam studying until he’s born. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

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  • @AKuzReve that's so frustrating about the GD, I saw your update in the appointment thread. I hope the next 2 weeks go smoothly and you can come off the diet again. Good luck at the new job!!

    Due Date / Weeks + Days: 8/24, 26+1

    Baby is the size of a(n): a coconut

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: day after memorial day for GD screen

    How are you feeling?: Good

    Rants/Raves: I finally got DH to say that he would start discussing names in July, and that he "doesn't not like" the name I picked. So we'll see how that goes. Just need to be patient for another month and a half.


    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? We're not really doing much baby prep. We already have most of  what we need from the boys. DH needs to research car seats to find one that can fit three across, and I'll need to buy more 0-3 month stuff since I lent that box out and the friend I lent it to has no memory of me giving it to her. But we'll probably do that stuff closer.

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  • aecmaecm member

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 8/24, 26+1

    Baby is the size of a(n): kale 

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): blue x2

    Upcoming Appointments: nada for a couple of weeks

    How are you feeling?: I feel huge. I can’t get up, roll over, or generally move without considerable effort.

    Rants/Raves: MIL is coming to visit again. While I definitely need the help, I abhor the interruption to our regular routine. I think I’m going to take advantage of the situation and run errands without the kid tomorrow morning.

    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? Goodness. These poor boys have such second & third child problems already. I bought a pack of onesies and a set of PJs. That’s literally it. Granted we already have one car seat, one crib, one pack & play etc. but’s pathetic. My dad was supposed to be visiting and painting the nursery this week, but he had to cancel his trip soooo now I have to call painters, get an estimate, etc etc. I’m procrastinating. 

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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 8/24. 26w1d

    Baby is the size of a(n):

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): Green

    Upcoming Appointments: My next appt and GTT are about 10ish days away

    How are you feeling?: Still nauseous and everything hurts. Heartburn and acid refllux all the time..

    Rants/Raves: DD is super excited about this baby, she has always been obsessed with babies. She loves when she can feel the baby move and she will tell anyone who listens that there is a baby in mommy's tummy. When people ask her if she is having a brother or sister she says, "We don't know and don't want to find out this time! We are excited for it to be a surprise!" She clearly has heard me answer that enough times lol.


    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? Not well at all. We still need to convert my office to a bedroom for DS and get the nursery set up again. DH still has not brought up any of the baby gear/clothes from the garage and attic. This is a huge source of anxiety for me. 

    11/2010 Diagnosed with PCOS 
    10/31/11 M/C at 9 weeks
    1/12/13 DD was born
    4/9/16 DS was born 
    9/17 CP 
    6/23/18 BFP EDD 3/4/19 

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 26 + 3 d.  RCS scheduled for 8/20. 

    Baby is the size of a(n): Giant (see below) 

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: I had a MFM appointment today (I graduated! Yay!!) and Charlie is already over 2 lbs.  

    How are you feeling?: Good, considering.  DH has been traveling a TON so I've been surviving on fragmented sleep and Lucky Charms (which I don't even like, but baby does). 

    Rants/Raves: Heartburn is THE WORST THING EVER. 

    Questions: Are any other working moms still in heels? I would obviously prefer not to be, but I have yet to find good maternity work pants that I can wear flats with given my (very average) height. 

    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? So I'm glad this is the GTKY.  My BFF keeps promising to return a lot of baby gear I lent her.  I think I shared this in another post.  I have repeatedly told her if it's too much of a hassle to clean and return, she can donate it - really - I just need to know so I know what to buy or not.  I feel like she's playing a game of cat and mouse with me on this.  She says its in her car, but she won't just drop it off.  We live a street apart.  It's so weird and I'm too tired for bullshit. 

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  • @aecm how is the visit going? I totally understand the conflicted emotions about the visit. I usually feel the same way when we have company, or go somewhere.

    @Allycat11 it's always so interesting to see what we say that they pick up. Sometime I will hear DS#1 say something, that I say a lot, and I'll be like, I need to stop saying that, other times it's like, that's great, keep saying that.

    @peachy0709 except for special occasions I have not worn heels since I was pregnant with DS#1, but then again I never wear pants. Now that summer is coming can you switch to more dresses? and/or can you have the pants hemmed?
  • mia8263mia8263 member

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 26!

    Baby is the size of a(n): kale

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): blue

    Upcoming Appointments: GD tomorrow 🙄

    How are you feeling?: baby brain... really fun trying to talk to my high school students. 

    Rants/Raves: my mother is absolutely out of her mind. I have even stopped talking to her for weeks because she treats me like crap. It’s nothing new but I stupidly try to get her to like me too many times. Anyway she came over to hang out with DS1 while I ran to the bank. While I was out I got an email from my son’s teacher that he had a bad day, threw an eraser at another kid and had a tantrum over math homework... I came home and told him to go to his room. He goes upstairs crying and all mad at me. My mother asks what happened and he says ‘she’s making me go to my room!’ I got a little loud and told him to explain why. And don’t you know my mother gets mad at me for sending him to his room. People. She beat me when I was a kid over nothing most of the time. If I breathed wrong I was beat. I can’t handle this stress with her so I told DH I’m done talking to her. I will not make the effort anymore. Screaming at me that my son needs a therapist because he cried over math? No thanks. Screaming in front of my kids at me? No thanks. Rant over. 


    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? 

    I wish more was done but MH gets so lazy it’s so annoying. I bought a few cute outfits, have a baby tub, bouncy seat... baby brain can’t remember anything else lol 

  • aecmaecm member
    @mrosek91 Thanks for checking in! MIL is just putting DD down for a nap and then she’s heading I survived. I spent both mornings out of the house which definitely spared my sanity. And it was nice to get stuff done - I dropped a form off at the pediatrician, and went and bought all the flowers for our front porch...stuff that’s annoying to do with a toddler in tow!

    @peachy0709 - I’m not a working mom, but kudos for surviving in heels for this long. I couldn’t have done it. 

    On another note - this thread and some other factors convinced me to get my butt in gear and do some twin prep. I ordered the car seat (it arrived today) and booked painters for the nursery (they come next week). So that’s something...
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  • Hi friends!!! My TB app has glitched out on me - it shows all posts as unread so it's difficult to keep track of the threads that I've already seen! I've tried all the normal fixes - logging in and out, deleting and reinstalling the app, etc. but no luck. I am reading whatever posts I can!

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 8/31, 25+3

    Baby is the size of a(n): cauliflower

    What team are you on (Blue, Pink, or Green): pink

    Upcoming Appointments: June 7, 28 week appt and glucose test

    How are you feeling?: Large lol but overall good!

    Rants/Raves: Our dryer stopped working over the weekend (it runs but isn't heating, so nothing dries). Both our washer and dryer are original with our house (15 yrs old) so we knew the time was probably coming soon. We got an estimate for a repair, but rather than just putting a band-aid on it we decided to buy new appliances! I'm bummed about spending the money, but this is the stuff we save money for and overall I think it will be good to have a new washer and dryer since we will be doing more laundry soon! They should be delivered tomorrow!

    Questions: none atm!

    GTKY: How is Baby prep coming along? What do you have done/what do you have left? Overall pretty good! We have all of the furniture for the nursery (my wonderful coworkers purchased our glider and it just got delivered today!). My mom bought our crib and my MIL bought the dresser. We also have quite a few onesies and a handful of other outfits that we've either bought or received as gifts. We also got our car seat, stroller, and high chair as early shower gifts from family that can't make it to the shower. I am trying to avoid buying much else until our shower on July 7, but I just want all the things so I can feel more organized! I also have a "Saved for Later" list in Amazon with all the essentials for postpartum recovery, so when August gets a little closer I will order all of those things. We've also figured out daycare and put down a deposit to hold our spot. 

    Things we still need to do: 

    • Increase our life insurance policies (we currently have 2x our salaries but can increase to 6x for each of us through our respective employers)
    • Meet with a lawyer to get a basic will written
    • Submit my paperwork for Short Term Disability - I just got the signed form back from my OB yesterday so I need to get the packet together and send in to HR
    • Set up a meeting with a pediatrician. I've done research from community reviews and have one in mind that is close by, has decent evening hours, can do virtual appts, etc. and they schedule appointments with expecting parents to meet one of the doctors and get a tour of the facility. Not sure what else needs to be done as far as "choosing" a pediatrician - is there a form to sign? Or do you just list them as your ped after giving birth?
  • @AKuzReve I hope your work week is going well! I'm so bummed for you about your GD diagnosis - hopefully that at least means that it will be easy(ish) to manage since you were so close!
    @mrosek91 I'm glad your H is finally open to talking about names soon! Hopefully he will come around a little sooner than July.
    @aecm I'm glad you made progress with baby prep! I hope your MIL's visit goes smoothly - I totally get what you mean about disrupting your normal routine!
    @Allycat11 OMG your DD's response is just about the cutest thing I've ever heard. Sending all the good feeling vibes your way!
    @peachy0709 I never wear heels even when not pregnant LOL but I definitely think it's time to switch if you are feeling uncomfortable!! Your friend sounds very frustrating - maybe give her one more chance to drop off your stuff and then decide to just buy it yourself?
    @mia8263 Ugh I'm so sorry about what happened with your mom. How inappropriate for her to interfere in your parenting!
  • @chillycanadian are you ok? I know you were supposed to start work again today. How did that go?
  • aecmaecm member
    @dogmomma096 - as far as choosing a pediatrician goes, once we decided who we wanted we were put on some sort of “impending arrivals” list at the practice. We called them the day the baby was born, and they had a pediatrician come visit us in the hospital the next day (and every day until we were discharged). I think normally the regular pediatrician you choose would come visit but ours happened to be out of town when we delivered so we got one of the other physicians in the practice. 
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  • @aecm Good to know! I don't know if it's standard practice here for the pediatrician to come to the hospital, but I know we are supposed to go in for an appointment after the first week. Definitely something to ask when we meet with them!
  • @mrosek91 awww! Thank you! You are so sweet for checking in! 🤗 I can't believe you rememeber that I started back at work yesterday! That's impressive!
    You're right, it was my first day 'back' (into a completely new job). The day went ok. My boss is great. There isn't much for me to do this week. So I'm just familiarizing myself with the project. Next week I start going out into the field to in-service crews. So that should be more interesting (especially since I get to bring cookies and visit with coworkers ! Haha) however, I had my glucose tolerance test yesterday morning. Downing the sugar was fine. But sitting in the hot and crowded waiting room for the hour was rough. I actually suddenly felt really sick and thought I might pass out.  And it ended up upsetting my stomach. So I  didn't feel awesome for my first day back.
     A lot has been going on. Long frantic days packing and cleaning and prepping the house all  week. On Monday, we had 11 family at our house to clean for 8+ hours solid, for a showing that afternoon. The couple came back 3 times. 
    So long story short, we sold our house last night in a private sale. For less than we wanted. But we don't have to worry about it now. One less big stress. But I cried. A lot of work went into the house. Our babies were made in the house. We fell in love in the house.
    I'm so hormonal....

    Anyway, sorry that I've been MIA lately! I've been reading these posts, but I've barely sat down in the past week so haven't been able to reply properly. I shall hopefully get a chance today!
  • Well.....I just replied to everyone....aaand TB glitched and erased it ALL. So...... That's frustrating. I'll have to try again when I'm less pissed off about it ha

  • @chillycanadian I'm so sorry you've had a rough couple of days, and the app is being annoying (as usual).
    Hugs about the house. I can't imagine, but that must be so bittersweet, and to deal with it when you're already hormonal. I don't remember do you have a new place yet?
    Hope the job continues to go well!
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