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Fit Friday 5/17

How’s working out going so far?
What workouts are you doing and do you have any fitness goals for this pregnancy?

Re: Fit Friday 5/17

  • Working out is going great I haven’t made any changes to anything yet since I’m so early but will make mods as I go further along.  My goal is to workout through whole pregnancy to stay a healthy weight.  I was able to keep my workouts going last pregnancy till about 35 weeks 


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  • @cweiss04 nice! I fell off the wagon hard and stopped by 20 weeks. Mostly because I run and TX in summer wasn’t working with me 😂

    My goal this time around us to keep running through at least November. There is a ten miler in October and a half in November I am hoping to waddle through. 
    At the moment I’ve been taking it easy and just walking a couple miles a day because my body is just not on board with anything more. I’m supposed to do a 5k tomorrow and next Saturday and MH will be here to push the stroller so we will see how that goes. 

    Ive been thinking about doing Pure Barre videos as well because it’s somethibg I can do inside 😂
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  • I haven't done any hard workouts since the positive test, but I have been doing some yoga and walking. I'll probably feel more comfortable once I get past the viability scan. My goal this pregnancy is to keep working out at least 3 times a week and keep under 30lbs of weight gain. I hit about 35lbs last time around, and was still walking a mile every day at 40 weeks, but I want to keep up the working out.
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  • I’ve been walking with DS. I wasn’t working out before the positive test so I’m not starting anything new. My goal is to not gain any weight this pregnancy. I gained 45 with ds and shouldn’t have gained anything. Since I’m overweight my drs are good with me losing if that happens. So far so good even though it’s been a week haha. 
  • peppyj9peppyj9 member
    I've been taking walks with DH but since I wasn't doing much more than that before BFP, I don't want to start anything new unless I get the OK from my doctor. I'm hoping she'll be ok with swimming (I don't see why not but want to make sure) and I've been wanting to try out yoga since it seems low impact and I've heard there's a "prenatal yoga" so once I get the green light,  I'm going to do my best to incorporate that a few days a week. I lost 30lbs before BFP but not sure what I'll be told about weight gain or if it's safe to lose. 
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    @MrsJessS wow! I secretly envy runners and the stamina they seem to have. MH was actually just telling me about someone who did a marathon at 6 months in an effort to encourage me getting exercise 😏 and I said "that's amazing, but that's SO not going to be me" 
  • Running became a big part of my life after my son and I’m hoping to keep it up as long into pregnancy as possible.  I dealt with bad depression during my first pregnancy, and I’m trying to keep life as normal as possible this time around.

    I did my second marathon in early (pre-BFP) April and a half in early May, before nausea set in. It’s amazing how much this teensy person has already impacted my stamina. I can’t believe I ran so far a month ago and two miles is now a struggle.  I’ll take it easy and listen to my body overall but there’s a half I’m registered for in September that I’d love to try to do with no time agenda. 

    All that said, with my nausea this week and lots going on I’ve mostly given myself a pass. It’s been many months of solid training, so a week off is ok. 

  • @peppyj9 I never went exercise swimming with DS...but sitting in the pool feels so good when you get bigger! Also idk about stamina...I just lack judgement and I'm too stubborn for my own good. If I hadn't gotten my BFP I was going to train for an ultra while MH is deployed. Thank the lord for the BFP lmao @Xstatic3333 obviously different for everyone but September seems like it "should" be the sweet spot in the second try with energy before the belly really starts popping. Maybe
  • I regularly practice yoga and loved doing it during pregnancy too. It helped with a lot of aches to stretch regularly. But the biggest benefit for me in mental. Breathing is key to my mental health.
  • Im
    in Texas too. It get so ridiculously hot here I totally hear you!  Yes I got kind of crazy with working out on my second pregnancy because with my first I gained 80lbs and it took me forever to lose!  


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  • @MrsJessS I’ll be 23 weeks, and with my first I did have a pretty good belly by then (I just carried big and out in front, assuming this one will be worse!) but I also had good energy and no nausea. The time limit is 3.5 hours, and a non-pregnant half time for me is around 2.5, so I’ll have time to take it slow. Not too proud to be last! Good luck with your training too. I’ll be rooting for you for those races later in the fall! 

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